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New Phone for the New Year

posted by constance

My mobile phone is out for good. sigh.. I have had it for the last 2 years and 3 months. It had some LCD problems early this year and I got it repaired and it worked fine until last Saturday. It gave up on me I guess. I like this mobile phone because of it’s camera function. It’s the old Sony Ericsson k800i, bulky but very good when it comes with taking photos. I didn’t mind that it does not take a 5 megapixel image because most of my pictures are for blogging purposes and I did not have to re-size it that much. Even with 3.2 megapixel, I had been re-sizing my images to 20% to keep the size smaller and for fast uploading to my blog.

I was at the repair shop yesterday in Jurong next to the shop selling bathroom faucets. I had thought that my mobile phone is successfully repaired since I sent it on Sunday morning but the bloke behind the counter told me it had software and hardware problems so there is no point in repairing as it may cost me more than $100.

But now, I have to shop for a new handphone, preferably one with a camera function. I’ve been looking at few models. I thought of the SE C902 but I read that the flash is either LED or Photolight. I want a Xenon flash and so far the only one that has Xenon is the SE C905. I even looked at Samsung Innov8 but I am not familiar with the functions of Samsung phones and camera details.

As I may get a better deal if I do a re-contract with the telco that I subscribe my mobile with, perhaps I should check how much I can offset to get a SE C905.


Sunday at Plaza Singapura

posted by constance

With only a month away to Chinese New Year and Christmas still in full swing, I’ve seen the malls putting up decors for the Chinese New Year little by little. If you go to the malls, many of the mall atriums are now filled with Chinese New Year decor buys. In the supermarkets, lots of space are now cleared to make way for cookies, candy that comes in 8 compartment containers and lots and lots of hampers.

I was in town (Plaza Singapura) shopping in Spotlight yesterday and wanted to shop for some curtains for my girl’s bedroom. It was a tough decision choosing a curtain. I have to be sensible and not pick those cartoon character theme because curtains can be used over a longer period of time. I don’t want to be left with Disney Princess curtains after a year just because they have outgrown it and not want anymore. I wish I had more budget but I have to be frugal with my spending since the economy is rather bleak.

I then stopped by a shop selling rugs with Moroccan decor. I picked one suitable for framing up and it was the most beautiful rug I’ve ever seen. Perhaps that would be a good gift for my friend when she moves into her new home before the Chinese New Year. She told me she loves things that are ornamental, colourful and has a Mediterranean and Middle East theme. Morocco is a beautiful place in North Africa with a Mediterranean climate. Not many people are aware of this country’s rich culture and history although it’s largest city, Casablanca is widely being publicized as a romantic place in movies and songs. Moroccan decor, culture and cuisine has many influences from Arab, France, African, Spanish and even Portuguese.

After that, I ended up at my usual haunt, Daiso but left after 10 minutes as the place was packed like sardines… aaarrgghh! Got some body tattoos for my girl and that was it.

So where else did I pop by after that huh? Where else, my favourite games arcade. Show you my prize in the next post.


An X’mas Mickey and Minnie

posted by constance

It was a boring X’mas afternoon so I told the girls that we should just hit the malls for some ‘jalan-jalan’ and come home for dinner. I wanted to drop the library books too but when we were in the car, i realized that I had forgotten to bring along the books. Ah well, they aren’t due till 2nd Jan, anyway. We went around the mall two rounds because the car park had a long queue from outside, so I thought of going around to check if the carpark at the next building would be better. Somehow, when I passed by the next building, I figured that I didn’t want to walk more than 200 metres to the next building.. lazy me..hahaha so I ended up going one more round for the same car park at the mall. Finally found lots at the basement 3 and got the Best Spot, right in front of the lift lobby! Yippeee!

We stopped by Handifix store because I wanted to check out a floor polish for the wood floors upstairs but they came banded with a bottle of stone polish..  no way am I buying the wood polish AND the stone polish.. so forget it.

Then we swinged by Popular Bookstore to get Rae her collector card album for all her Love and Berry Cards. I got her one about a little bigger than A5 because A4 is riduculously big to fit your sling bag when you are out. Then we went up, up, up and up… to the top floor where Zone X was.. hahaha yeslah. Mummy just want to go and get herself into that Sweet Candyland game. The prizes weren’t attractive except for the Xmas Mickey adn Minnie. I tried the Mickey, then after hitting the jackpot prize, I went for the Minnie. Yup, that was satisfying for me. I also let Rae played on the Love and Berry machine. Lea was busy helping me picking sweets and guarding them.. Bad mummy just got too addictive to this game..

Well, that was what I did on an Xmas Afternoon. What about YOU?


Downtown East Pasir Ris

posted by constance

Early this week, we went to have some fun at the Downtown East resort in Pasir Ris. As the chalets in Sentosa was fully booked for the holidays, we could only manage to get an empty slot at Downtown East for a night so the girls could have some fun.

We didn’t book the BBQ pits as we felt that we didn’t want to be spending time cooking and slaving away on the hot charcoals so we decided that we should just go for a meal at the resort. After all, with Ehub! next door, there are plenty of restaurants and fast food joints. The girls didn’t mind no BBQ cos they were more excited for a swim than anything else!

Which way to the pool?

Let’s Go For Some Fun!

Who Needs A Swimsuit Model?

We brought the girls for a swim at Wild Wild Wet and they had more fun with the water features than swimming. Lea and Rae went on the kiddy pool slides. Then I brought them to the Foam Pool which they wanted to go badly since we saw it few months ago. It was pretty amazing but I didn’t capture any pictures as I had my camera hp safely locked in the locker so no pics of us while in Wild Wild Wet.

After a two hour fun, we went back to the chalet for a shower and went out to the atrium to check out other activities. There were kiddy rides and performances like magic show, carollings and some mascot appearances by kids’ cartoon characters.

The BBQ pits the following morning. Quiet cos everyone seemed to have slept in. It was busy the night before, and *cough cough* smokey too.


My Little Model Missy

posted by constance

I was busy yesterday afternoon clearing out my two large wooden chests in the room. I had sent my current sling bag for wash that I thought of looking for another one for the timebeing. That was when I decided to clean out the two treasure chest boxes. When I opened it up, I realised that over the years, I really had been buying so many bags!

These bags are in ONE chest. See, all the bags are all crushed inside as many as possible. I still have another chestbox but mostly filled with laptop/seminar/document/briefcase bags mostly boring in blacks.

I saw some bags that were really in new condition and even one that had not been unwrapped at all! Look at this one here! A doggy bag… I had no idea when I got this.. was it a gift? It was still wrapped in white tissue and it was wrapped securely in a those drawstring dustbag.

It took me a few hours to clean the bags one by one and when I was busy doing that, Lea popped into the room to look at my bags. She tried on every bag I had that she thought was suitable for her and started to pose in front of the mirror! Then I quickly grabbed my mobile phone and snapped her because she was moving and trying out bags and posing like she was a model!

It was hilarious and I tried to take them as fast as I could as she was really dashing away and moving quite a lot.


You are Served

posted by constance

I posted this picture up on my other blog along with other pictures taken in the Science Centre recently.  I must say some of my friends who saw this asked me how on earth was this picture taken.

All Rae needed was just to go behind the white panels and pop up from under the box and up the hole where the fruits are. If I were to take the top view, I’d be able to see her standing up.

The box has panels that creates an illusion of the 3D table. It was fun but we had to do this very fast because there were many people who wanted to take the pictures too. I wanted to ask Lea to do the same thing but she was a little short for the pose.. and she felt being rushed and panicky that she ended up letting the other kids go instead of taking one.. ah perhaps we can try that another day.

Admission to Science Centre is only $6 for the gallery section if you aren’t going for the Magic Show, OmniTheatre and other screenings. It’s a great place to hang out.


Life imitates Art

posted by constance

I was looking for some old movies online when I somehow surfed into the official website of Tom Cruise. For many years, i’ve been watching many of his shows and it is amazing that he is now celebrating his 25th Anniversary in the entertainment industry where he acted in his first solo movie – Risky Business. He did some good shows and some bad ones but mostly the shows were entertaining. Looking back at some of the old trailers of his youth and comparing now, he certainly has aged and matured and looking just as good. Tom has some boyish good looks indeed but somehow I didn’t know why I couldn’t distinguish the difference between Tom Cruise and Charlie Sheen at times. Perhaps they both belong to the same era in the 80’s.

Charlie Sheen starred in an impressive movie Wall St in 1987 where he won an Academy Award for being best Actor in Leading Role for it. I must say that movie struck a chord in me as after watching that show, I actually went to get myself enrolled in a course to pick up some education about Brokering, Stocks and Share Market and hopefully realizing my dreams of looking for Wall St jobs. It was in the late 80s and gloomy economy that burst that dream bubble and got me back on track to the real world!

Were there ever any movie that spurred you on to make that dream come true?


Would You Like To Eat That

posted by constance

I love to see those fancy food sculpture that is usually displayed on Japanese Restaurants. They look very realistic. Some of them are made from real food ingredient like flour but they are of course without seasoning.

When I brought the girls out to buy their favourite Old Chang Kee curry puffs, I saw this kiosk selling Pork Belly in Bread Dumplings. These are very popular in Chinese restaurants too but this kiosk sells them as snacks. What amazed me was their food dislplay at the side! Look, a GIANT BREAD DUMPLING! It is really big! They should make a large one like that for special occasions too! hehehe!

Big Mantou


Time for TimeZone to destress

posted by constance

Last Sunday, I cannot contain myself and dropped by TimeZone for some exhilaration playing my favourite Candyland games. Yes, scooping sweets had been my all time destress activity and I know, I am flushing lots of money into the drain… sob.. but I just cannot contain myself after having gone cold turkey from it for a good two months, perhaps. And this time, between Ah Boy and I, we manage to hit 4 jackpots. The prizes were…

A Carebear plushy bagpack Lea wanted

Two cute Gloomy Bears (these are really cute Japanese bears!)

A Post Office Box coinbox

We also got 4 cute disney plush toy key chains and some decor tapes
and so much sweet, I am too embarrassed to show them here 🙂

Aaahh.. that felt really great indeed!


My First Old Town White Coffee

posted by constance

On Saturday, as we drive to Bukit Timah market, we discovered another Old Town cafe. I didn’t know there is one in the west at all as I thought the only one in Singapore was at the east side at the old Big Splash vicnity. So Ah Boy and I decided to give it a try since we saw that they also sell some local Malaysian food.

It was our first Old Town taste although we saw many outlets when we used to have our holidays in KL and Penang. We ordered few items from their menu. Curry Mee (we were hoping it to be similar to the Penang Style but we knew it will never be since it stated that that place serve no pork and no lard in the ingredients’ used. Penang Curry Mee use ‘coagulated pig’s blood'(sounds yucky but tastes yummy) and this one is no where near.

I had the Nasi Lemak that was served with Rendang Ayam (Chicken cooked rendang style). It was quite nice but it was not spicy at all, so it suited me fine. Although I love spicy food, I prefer them to be less spicy. I ordered the Ipoh Lum Mee for the girls. The food was quite alright, on the whole, except that the curry mee was somewhat oily. The girls enjoyed the Lum Mee. The food price was between $6 – $9 so it was pretty reasonable.

I washed it down with an original Old Town coffee. I do like this place better than the other gourmet Coffee joints as I could have some local food instead of the usual toasted bread/buns and soft boiled eggs that is being adopted everywhere. Even Ya Kun coffee now pales in comparison with this one. I still enjoy the Killeney Kopitiam toast and eggs but only at the Killeney Road’s main outlet.

So for most of you, did you like Old Town food? For me, I enjoyed it.