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Crocs Footwear and Cool Designs

posted by constance

I was in the mall recently and there was a design exhibition on Crocs footwear. Years ago, Crocs was very popular (still is!) and everyone wanted one. The demand was so good there were even fake ‘Crocs’ on sale at less than $6.00 in the markets, those Made in China copycats.

It was great for outdoor and in places near the pool, beach and is comforatable to wear. However the only thing that alerted many parents and public is that these shoes can be dangerous if they are worn on escalators as they are soft and flexible to be pulled into the escalator trappings at the side. Some kids apparently have had toes pulled in and some reported mangled toes and other foot injuries.

However, Crocs remain a popular footgear for many till today. We do need to understand that even if we don’t wear Crocs, other shoes or slippers may tend to get caught in the trappings too. It is about knowing how to spot the dangers and self responsibility when you buy any product. We can’t blame the shoe manufacturer if we want to wear shoes that are not meant for certain conditions or enviroment. Like wearing a shoe with plastic base on oily surface. We are bound to slip of course. Also if you are on the escalator, we definitely should be putting our feet right in the center of the steps and not move near dangerous spots.

A pair of Crocs may not come cheap but they certainly are very comfy and is safe in places like poolside and slippery grounds. I saw they even have Crocs handbag, very cool actually. That would be so perfect for marketing and beach too!

The Designing Competition displayed some very interesting Crocs design.

Check out these Crocs!

Puffer fish theme

Durian Crocs! Very Original!

How about a Green Theme?

Sweet Candy Crocs! I like it!

Hmm.. I wonder if this theme is more Christmas, Chinese New Year or Chinese Wedding..

Hahahaha Crocs for Tarzan? ohhhhhhh ehhhhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Pretty Candy theme, I think. Flowers and Lollies..

I like this best! Colour Palette!!! Artists in France can have this on their feet!
hehehe So Cute this one!

Don’t you think those shoes were creative?

and now, these below are the amateurs…heeheehee

Besides this professional design competition, there was also a fun Design A Crocs for children on the spot. They placed tables and allowed kids to register and have fun crafting out their designs on large Crocs’ slippers which can be brought home after that. There were glue, glitters, ribbons, dye pens and cute stuff for you to use.

I honestly don’t know what Rae and Lea were trying to do but they both enjoyed it! LOL!


A No Frills Ice Cream Cake for Rae

posted by constance

Remember when I posted on Saturday that I was busy baking a cake for Rae? Well, I baked a chocolate cake for her, just simply done. It was a cocoa cake that has been in our family tradition for years and this time I alternate the layers with ice cream because Rae wanted to have Ice cream cake. She asked for a whole lot of things for a cake but I’m not a pâtisier so I think that is just too impossible.. hahaha

Rae and the Ice cream Cake I made

Rae blows on the candles.. She is 8 years now! Yippeeee!

What Method? No Special Method! The secret lies in the layers only!

Chocolate cake, Vanilla ice cream, Chocolate cake and Strawberry Ice Cream and Cake sprinklies

All I did was just to layer ice cream over the cake layers but I probably had too many layers because it was a little hard to cut. hahahaha  I wanted to frost it with cream frosting but because we were out on Sunday and by the time we got home I was too tired and lazy to do it so I just covered it with some Bento Barans/Divider sheets to hide the bottom part and leave the Pink ice cream on the top.. Sprinkled some colours and it’s ready.. Easy right? I bought some candles that had pink heart prints because Rae loves hearts and everything that is pink!

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Globetrotters II

posted by constance

This is the continuation of the Globetrotters’ post. I wanted to write about the food and experience than Rae’s DIY Pizza so before my laziness kicks in again, I better do it now.

Frankly, the food is just average. This is not really a place where food is the main factor that brings the crowd, but it is the overall concept of a restaurant where parents can bring their kids and the kids have fun

while the parents relax, eat their meals and watch their children play or in a session of workshop. This restaurant has staff trained to entertain kids so you don’t have to worry about asking your child to sit in his chair or not run about the place. Here in Globetrotters, the staff plays with the kids voluntarily.

The minestrone soup (it tasted like watered down tomato juice!)

The food we ordered taste average but they try hard to offer food from all around the world. From curries, western fare, italian, mediterranean, local fare, they have it.

I ordered a turkish bread dish which is similar to pizza, but it’s shaped oblong instead of round. They called it Pide. Mine was a Meat Pide (pronounced: Pee day). It was quite nice, very much like a soft pizza base with meat topping and cheese. We ordered the Nuggets for Lea, she loves it except the fries. She won’t eat any other kinds of fries except McDonalds and Mos Burgers’. We also ordered a Red Curry Chicken and Chicken Masala lunch sets.

The Chicken Masala was terrible. Dry and tasted like eating cardboard. There was no gravy so can you imagine having a dry chicken cutlet with white rice (hidden below the chicken). The little gravy that was visible in the picture clinged on to the Chicken as if it had been sitting there drying for an hour.  The Red Curry Chicken was much better and everyone grabbed the prawn crackers for redemption after trying the Chicken Masala…

Perhaps the reason we went there was for the girls. They had fun in the playroom, met some new friends. That made eating more enjoyable for them, I guess.

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DIY Pizza at Globetrotters

posted by constance

It was Rae’s birthday yesterday. Daddy had taken leave from work and we brought her to Globetrotters for lunch. She had wanted to celebrate her birthday with a party but this year we are not up to it. It is also the start of the school holidays and many of her friends will not be around.

Globetrotters is a family restaurant that caters to adults and parents with young kids. It is similar to what Marche (in terms of a place suitable for kids) as they provided a playroom for the children so parents can eat in peace. They sometimes have workshops for kids like craft and cooking and their staffs are all employed to be kids’ friendly.

Rae was excited because she wanted to have pizza. in Globetrotters, kids can choose the DIY pizza in the kids’ menu. Kids can sit at the pizza bar and decorate their own pizza and once it is oven baked, it will be brought to our table. It was fun for her of course, although she chose the most commom ingredients she liked, ham and double cheese. Kids don’t like all that olives and other stuff, perhaps…hahaha  She could have made it at home but it was a fun time for her to decorate it there. That is the novelty.

The kids made a new friend in the playroom and kept goin in and out of the room to eat and play. Check out the pics!

At the pizza bar, she arranges the ham…

… then the cheese.

Then shows off her pizza before baking.
The staff was friendly and asked me to take pictures behind the bar.

Rae’s Pizza, it was so yummy, she finished all albeit one slice which she gave to Lea.

I will post more about Globetrotters Restaurant in my next post, otherwise this will be too lengthy!


Too Much Food

posted by constance

This is a picture I took weeks ago when we went for a weekend lunch. For a table of parents, maid and two young kids who nibbles on their food, we are having a lot of food! When hubby gets his day off, he wants to tuck in into his favourite foods and on that very day, he just couldn’t decide which of the dishes to pick. I was shocked when he ordered a Curry Fish Head curry, Bak Kut Teh and even a roast meat platter for main dishes. Not counting a vegetable stirfry and tofu that is not in the picture. This is very heavy indeed, don’t you think so. I didn’t want to ruined his comfort foods so I let him enjoy. I think I ate too much then too and the thought of diet pills conjure in my mind right after that! *burp*


Good Old Days

posted by constance

Since young, I’ve always loved watching TV shows with cowboys and listening to that cute cowboy twang or country accent they used. Lots of horses, cattle and sheep, large open spaces and living in ranches was something that I wanted. Long time ago, there was a show on our local TV that had characters by the name of ‘Blue Boy’ but I just can’t remember the name of this TV drama now. But among the popular ones that I’ve never forgotten are Dallas and spinoff Knots Landing.

Who can forget the Ewing family then. It was something that I go to school each week to gossip about! Probably one of the most watchable soap operas. And the TV theme song was unforgettable too! With some hearthrob actors during that time, my friends and I even talked about applying for Dallas jobs when we finish high school. Okay, a little far fetch but at least that show really made everyone sit up and notice the state of Texas.

Did you ever watched these shows? It ran from 1979 to 1993 with 344 episodes in total! No Hong Kong drama can beat that!


Closing Week Stories

posted by constance

In the last few days, I had been feeling very lazy to blog indeed. Although I bought a new laptop few months ago, I still prefer using the desktop as the monitor is larger and also my keyboard is the full keyboard size, which makes typing easier.

On Friday, Dell popped by to install 2 more items in my hard disk – a new power supply thingy and the front panel on the CPU. So altogether, they replaced 6 items in my 2 and a half year old cpu, which is a very very good deal indeed, FOC because I have a 3 year warranty. My PC is now as good as new! Most of the parts, anyway! Except the casing!

On Friday, I attended Rae’s Speech and Drama concert in the school’s prize giving ceremony. She had been working very hard on her jitters because she gets very very nervous on stage. It all went well. I wasn’t able to get a good shot of her performance because the school concert hall was large and I was seated quite far away.

See how far I sat? Need to invest in a better camera 🙁

Lea tried to take some shots herself…lol I didn’t realize she also brought her camera too until she whipped in out halfway. It was pretty funny, actually and parents were all looking and smiling at her.

Lea and her camera during the performance..

After the performances, I stayed to have a look at the art exhibition by the primary school girls, picking up my girl home an hour later.

Ceramic Arts by Primary school kids

Paintings on paper and wood

On Saturday, I busied myself baking a cake and stacking up ice cream for Rae’s birthday cake. She will be 8 on Monday but we will be bringing her out to celebrate on Sunday. I did a simple ice cream cake for her. Now waiting for the cake to chill and later add a simple decor.


White Tigers Mauled Man in Zoo

posted by constance

Yesterday, a friend of mine sent me an sms. She said that there was some big news in the Singapore zoo. Apparently, a worker had been mauled to death by the white tigers in the zoo.

True enough, when I watched the news on TV it reported that this worker – a 32 year old contract worker who is Malaysian by citizen had died after the incident. Reports also mentioned that this worker had been acting strangely and was throwing some papers around as well as act disturbed prior to his death.

He had jumped into the moat that surrounded the Tigers’ enclosure. He then walked up to the tigers and swinged the broom and agitate the tigers. That prompted 2 of the 3 tigers to attack him, bit him somewhere in the back, where he had covered his head with a bucket (see newspaper report below). He had curled up in a foetal position.

There were onlookers and some had actually thought it was a zoo show but only later they realized it was not when many zoo keepers were alerted and tried to distract the tigers.

It must have been very frightening for visitors, especially when they were in the zoo for a relaxing holiday. And I’m sure there must have been kids around too. Lucky it wasn’t a weekend where the crowd is more.

I love to watch the white tigers whenever I go to the zoo because white tigers are very rare and they look so beautiful. I wonder if they will do anything to them.. After all, it is not their fault. The worker had been agitating them so it is only natural these wild animals react.


Dell without Doubts

posted by constance
*warning! long story..*

A week ago, I had problems with my PC. It couldn’t start up, in fact it didn’t even go past the Dell logo whenever I power on the PC. It was frustrating so I decided not to bother until I can find a PC fella who can come help me troubleshoot. Ah Boy asked me to sourced through Classifieds, but I didn’t bother. 

Days later, I decided to surf using my laptop to find out if there were people who faced this problem before. I read that there were possibilities with some Bios setup thingy and that I should be updating it. I also had been having with the power supply in the hd because most of the time I get amber blinking lights. A little of cable adjustment sometimes gets my pc powered up ok.

I am really ignorant about IT stuff, so I went into Dell website hoping to get some answers. The PC is more than 2 years already anyway. Not too sure if Dell would ‘patronize’ my problem but it was worth a try. I sent an email to the support technician and wrote about the problems as clear as I could. I was surprised that the following day, I received a reply back and in clear point by point explaination, to follow through steps to see if my pc would power on. It didn’t and I wrote back and even attached a picture of the screen on the stage it hung.

See? My PC hung till this stage only!

A day later, I received another reply back and the support technician Wan Yin, wrote that he will arrange a technician to come to my house to take a look at my pc. What a surprise that was. Someone is coming to my home to check my system!

A technician came in today and he replaced the ram chips, a large board (is that the motherboard? I dunno) the IO card and something I didn’t get to see because I was busy with something. There was two other parts that he didn’t bring but has made some order with the staff at the office. So Dell will be coming in to fix/replace the other stuff within the next week.

Before I had written to Dell, I had no idea about the service provided by them. I had a HD failure more than a year ago and they replaced a brand new one. But because my PC is already 2 and half years already, I had not expected them to provide this replacement service still. Whenever I had spoken about Dell, many of my friends had sounded apprehensive about buying Dell products because they worry about the important part – Service. Most of them had mentioned that Dell may have reasonable priced PCs but it may be difficult to have them provide servicing.

Well, although my pc is not totally ok yet, I think this episode proves that Dell may be US based and I bought this via online purchase, but the service that they have provided for me has been very good. If you go to some PC clinic or some other brands of PC, chances are after 2 years, even with warranty, they would have asked you to bring your PC to their service centre and for them to come over, they probably would have talked ‘money’ with you first. 

So, in future if you asked me about Dell, I’d really give a thumbs-up. Don’t worry if you don’t see any Dell retailers because they may not be very prominent, but their service makes up for it. Also, getting a 3 year warranty is really worth the price for a pc because I am a satisfied customer. And if I do want to get another PC in future, Dell would be the first in my thoughts.




Army Officer is the New Subaru Impreza Winner

posted by constance

After an impressive 82 hours and 18 minutes, a new record is broken. That is the timing set for having his hands on the S$80,000 Subaru Impreza. The winner is a 29 year old Army Officer. Wow! He must be commended for his stamina for being able to withstand almost 4 days of this torture. It is not an easy contest, having to stand with your palms fixed on the spot and only going for 5 mins break for every 6 hour for a choice of meal, drinks or toilet breaks! Perhaps if he sold off the car, he can set aside $2,000 or a nice spa holiday…  Unless he wants to use the car but that is still without COE and other taxes and insurance.

Some good thumbnails I saw from a sg auto website of the contest.

With this record, George Lee walked away with his new Subaru Impreza! An army officer taking part and winning shows his strength and stamina being tested for all that grueling training he must be getting. Anymore tough training, we’ll have our officers fit to carry steel buildings like super heroes you watch on television! A 35 year old senior executive Mary Tan was first runner up.

I don’t think I’d even get past a day. Last year’s record was set by a woman, Sandra Yeow at 77 hours and 13 minutes! Another Super Hero, right?