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Results for Top Commentator ending 30th November

posted by constance

The moment that you have been waiting for! At 10.30pm Singapore time is when I took down the names of the Top 4 Commentators on my blog. The figures on the list of commentators are BEFORE deducting the first 7 days of comments. Remember the post  when the contest was officially started? 

Here is what I captured at 10.30pm (before deducting the figures on 7th November).


So the results for the November Contest are finally being calculated.
Here are the results of the WINNERS after deducting figures on 7th November:



3. RYAN MAMI (235 – 6 =  229 COMMENTS)

(155 – 9  =  146 COMMENTS)



Congratulations to these top 4 bloggers. Now that you are the prize winners, please send your name and address information to me at and I will send you the gifts soon!


I also want to thank those of you who have supported this contest and coming to this blog as well to comment, even though you didn’t make it to the Top 4. Thanks also to the bloggers who have also been faithfully dropping by my blog!

  1. Ryan mami Said,

    Congratulations to the winners and also myself… hehe 😆 TQ, Constance for organizing the contest!!

  2. Ryan mami Said,

    Constance, do I need to send you my address again?

  3. constance Said,

    You’re welcome, Ryan Mami! Congrats to you too!
    I think not. I should have a copy of your email in my folder. But I’ll buzz you if it’s not there… 😛

  4. mummy moon Said,

    Wahaaaa! I am in the second… Constance, I will email my add to you.. Thanks

    mummy moon’s last blog post..Alphabet Tag

  5. mummy gwen Said,

    Thank you Constance for organizing this contest! Congratulations to all the winners. 🙂 Woohoo…I’m first…unbelievable..haha. Constance, will email my details to you asap. Thanks again. 🙂

    mummy gwen’s last blog post..Complete The Sentence Tag

  6. Dora Said,

    Wow… this is a surprise ‘coz I was busy last week & I didn’t comment at all the last few days. I thought I won’t be in the top 4 list but result comes out & shows I’m #4. I’m so happy 😀
    Thank you Constance! 🙂

    Dora’s last blog post..You Wanna Take A Challenge?

  7. Ryan mami Said,

    Mummy Gwen… see, I told you… you could win 😉 Hehe…

    Ryan mami’s last blog post..The Excursion… As Promised!

  8. constance Said,

    congratulations everyone. will let you all know when i post the gifts. i’ll be a little busy this week because my helper is away for holidays so if i can’t make it to the post office this week, i’ll try next week. got lots of errands to run as well as books for the new school year. and gotta lug along the two kids everywhere i go since no one is there to mind them when i’m out on errands.

  9. Ryan mami Said,

    No problem… 🙂

  10. mummy gwen Said,

    Constance, No problem for me too. 😉

    Ryan mami, Haha…coz you all “kasi chance” mah. 😛

    mummy gwen’s last blog post..Complete The Sentence Tag

  11. Aromatherapy Said,

    over 200 comments!!! that is a lot.

    congratulations to the winners

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