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In my grandparents’ time, it was taboo to mention the word insurance. Not sure if it was culture influence but the mention of it and topics around it meant that you are playing with death wishes before one comes to an old age. So many people would just leave the thought alone. Perhaps that is why those who made claims from matured policies then are not a many as current years.

Some parents who had enough money and had bought their kids policies in those days are seeing their fruits of labour now. The money from maturing policies help to send the kids to universities or help when they were caught in a spot of emergencies that needed some cash for medical and others.

Lately, there has been many who are troubled by the current economy crisis. This is a global issue. Some of the policy holders have decided to surrender their policies before it is matured, preferring to hold on to cash than leave it to the end of maturity. Those are because the policies they bought are intended for a nest egg purpose.

A cheaper policy does not mean any less better. It has a different benefits. It is important to understand thatΒ  term life insurance rates are reasonably affordable and give you a peace of mind for an unpredictable event. We buy insurance so that in the event of anything that happens, our family is not left in the lurch to cope with stress and yet defend for themselves.

  1. Ryan mami Said,

    For us, I think buying the medical card is much more important than the life insurance.

  2. kikey Said,

    got sofa!!!
    even is PPP post.
    haha.. πŸ˜€

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  3. Ryan mami Said,

    If we fall sick or having a critical illness we need a lot of $ to support the medical bills and we don’t have to worry about paying the large sum of $ when we have the medical card. πŸ™‚

  4. Ryan mami Said,

    Ya.. older generation people doesn’t like insurance! They always say insurance cheat their $… haha.

  5. mummy gwen Said,

    My mum especially was very against buying insurance coz she doesn’t believe the benefits of buying insurance..haha. Now, she knows it’s not a bad thing after all..hehe

    mummy gwen’s last blog post..Christmas Tree

  6. mummy gwen Said,

    My hubby recently bought a policy for my little girl which is tied to his own policy.

    mummy gwen’s last blog post..Christmas Tree

  7. mummy gwen Said,

    Being a SAHM, I encourage my hubby to buy more policies..hehe.

    mummy gwen’s last blog post..Christmas Tree

  8. tony - Urban Trendy Lifestyle Said,

    sometimes, as a child to our parent…… we MUST give our parent a big smack for all those stupid taboo. seriously.. woooo…. bad temper i am. πŸ˜›

    tony – Urban Trendy Lifestyle’s last blog post..Escort! Escort!.. Bravo Singapore

  9. Ryan mami Said,

    Some people readily bought policies for their newborn! We have yet to buy any policies for my boy… another commitment for us.

  10. mummy moon Said,

    Insurance is important

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  11. mummy gwen Said,

    My hubby bought the one with medical benefits for Gwen. Most of his friends bought insurance for their kids too.

    mummy gwen’s last blog post..Complete The Sentence Tag

  12. Ryan mami Said,

    I think medical card insurance is more important than life or critical illness insurance.

  13. mummy moon Said,

    Life is unpredictable ..we will not know what will happen to us and perhaps anything can happen to us anytime

    mummy moon’s last blog post..Alphabet Tag

  14. mummy moon Said,

    Medical card is important because medical fees now very high… when comes to any accident or critical illness or operation,

    mummy moon’s last blog post..Alphabet Tag

  15. mummy moon Said,

    Life insurance is important too. It give our family a protection if something happen to us. They will get the death benefit or what we call the sum assured.

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  16. mummy moon Said,

    Term life insurance is cheaper compare to life insurance.. But the benefit is totally different.

    mummy moon’s last blog post..Alphabet Tag

  17. mummy moon Said,

    my whole family has buy insurance, even my 2 babies also have buy insurance, We bought education plan and medical card + investment

    mummy moon’s last blog post..Alphabet Tag

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