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Chicken Nuggets

posted by constance

Yesterday, I was in NTUC Fairprice when an elderly asked me what is that item that is on sale for the current 3-day Offer. I had no idea because I had not read the newspapers for the day yet. But I was curious, since she asked me. We were at the frozen food section then. Another lady pointed to the 2kg Chicken Wings that were going at about $7.xx. I suppose that price is quite reasonable especially when price of goods have been escalating.

My eye caught a frozen package that was interesting. It was nuggets in dinasaur and other shapes. My girls have been pestering for nuggets the past week. I’m not quite a nugget fan, because I always felt that nuggets were proccessed food. I prefer home made nuggets using real chicken filets.

The frozen shaped nuggets were on sale. It was 3 boxes for the price of $5.xx and that was very cheap. Almost half the price of its retail price of $3.80 per box. So I bought them since sometimes I really could use some instant snacks for the kids when I am busy. Any of you tried it? I thought it tasted a bit chewy but the girls loved it.


Baby Gifts

posted by constance

I have been thinking of getting my friend who had just given birth a set of baby bedding as a gift. However I soon realised that it will be difficult because I do not know the measurements of the sheets and the sizes of her pillow sets. I used to get these bedding as full moon gifts and I couldn’t use them because they did not fit the size of the baby’s mattress. I think it would be better to get her a voucher so that she can buy what she really need for baby and a little gift for her as well. I’m sure every mother will definitely appreciate a cash voucher or cash red packet than to receive things that she may not be able to find it practical for.


My Girls Ate Those Tainted Ice Pops in July..

posted by constance

I was doing backups for the photos in my hard disk when I saw this picture that I had snapped in July recently. At that time, there was a food fair in Suntec City and we had been there to try out various foods that came from international food retails. Among them was this Yili Yoghurt Ice Pops that both my girls had.

The brand of the ice pops and also this particular product had been recalled during the China milk scandal. This picture shows Lea eating one of the pops which was tainted with melamine. This was a new product on promotion during the food fair and the girls pestered me for them. Now that I see it, I do get worried. Health boards have consoled the public that you have to be consuming affected products as often as daily for a long period of time.

Did you consume any of the food products that was tainted before it was exposed? My girl used to love the Dutch Lady strawberry milk but I seldom buy them, only occasionally like once every two months. Now, I don’t trust many milk products. We really have to see where these products are manufactured from. I now go for mostly New Zealand and Australia products.


Roses Are Red

posted by constance

I received this beautiful roses from Agnes. You’re so thoughtful, Agnes.

I love it. Roses are wonderful way to cheer a loved one, a mother, a friend, sister and even someone you hardly know! I love the smell of a rose and also the essence when I make those agar agar. I also enjoy drinking rose syrup but not too sweet,

Don’t forget to give a love one a rose during Valentine’s Day even though they may wilt because if it makes someone happy for a day, why not!

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I want to give this roses to my friends, you are wonderful, supportive and mean a lot to me.

1. Kikey 2. Jepunlauee 3. Kacang 4. Claire 5. Joze 6. Dora 7.  Tammy 8. Lor Mee


After School Stress

posted by constance

Forgive me dear friends, I have not updated anything here today. I’ve spent some precious time doing revision with my girl as she is still having her exams. Sometimes I can really pull my hair out trying to even get her to do her homework which seemed to be never-ending. By the time she comes home after classes or tuition it is already time to wash up and have dinner. And because she sleeps about 8.30 or 9.00pm there is so little time for revision because i usually let her destress with some 30 minutes of TV somedays.

I really cannot grasp the education system in Singapore, sometimes. With all that ‘Teach Less, Learn More’ system, I think my girl is not picking up effective education in school. Perhaps the teacher really teach so little in class that my girl cannot really absorb that now she has to rely on the tuition teacher and additional support from me to teach her what she was supposed to pick up in class. Then why go to school if we have to cramp all the learning subjects with tuition, remedial class and home schooling. Where is the time for them to grow up as a child. I’d rather let her pick up academic from school and supplement with other wholesome teachings at home, than to receive little teachings in class, then have to stay back 2 hours for remedial, do so much homework after that, take tuition and have me coach her again.



Nowadays, we spend weekends in the parks more than in shopping malls. And we also tighten our belts by not dining in restaurants as often. My daughters weren’t that happy because we patronized more food courts and outdoor non air-conditioned food outlets. She is the sort who loves comfort, air cond and always complain whenever we tell here we are going to stop at a food court or hawker centres for meals. Yesterday, we explained that we should be prudent in our spendings. But of course for an 8 year old, it is hard to explain except that it is always best to save for a rainy day. Lea, as usual echoed parents to act as if she could understand more.. she is only 4 yet she is such a boot licker! lol

We stopped by in Bishan because we were heading Bishan Park for more roller blading. At the basement of Bishan’s Junction 8 Mall, we tried some Korean street food. It was somewhat similar to Taiwan Street Food but the variety and skewers were all so yummy. It was featured in the newspapers before in the life section but I probably missed that article.

Hubby bought few sticks such as Bulgogi Beef, Chicken Thigh, Breaded Street Sausage and Tornado Potato. The Bulgogi Beef was really nice and succulent, and it was not tough. The Chicken Thigh was similar to Taiwan Chicken Chops but the taste was much better because it was juicy and was smothered with lots of Chiilly and Mayo too.

Lots of Korean Skewers here! ***** for variety!

Bulgogi Beef on the right was yummy!  ***** for the Bulgogi Beef!

Boneless Chicken Thigh and Breaded Chicken Wings

***** for the succulent breaded chicken thigh!

Tornado Potato and Breaded Fish

*** for the tornado potato because I think there was too much salt..

Then we went over to the Food Court for lunch. I was feeling a bit dizzy with the way the food court was designed and lighted. There was too much ‘warm’ light, even from the tables. It didn’t make my meal pleasant and I was dying to get out of the place! ** for ambience because I cannot stand the light. ***** for food variety. *** for value for money, average food prices are about $4.00

After that, we walked around the mall for about half and hour before leaving for Bishan Park for more roller blading!


Butterfly Award

posted by constance

Kikey just awarded me this. Thanks Kikey! You’re a dear. I love to visit her blog to read about her life in the US as an au pair. She also has some wonderful experience touring the states in a 5-week holiday recently and her posts about those places are very down to earth and honest. You can find her in pictures with her signature ‘V’ pose. That’s her.. hahaha

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I would like to give this award to all who drop by. Feel free to post it in your blog but there is no commitment to do that. As long as you know it’s for you, that is important. Cheers!


Back-breaking task… comes with age?

posted by constance

Ouch Ouch Ouch!! My back really hurts and I feel sore all over. Been doing spring cleaning the whole day since yesterday since my desktop pc is now konked out for whatever reasons.

I had been organising my kids’ toys and cubby because they really have so much stuff. I decided to throw some stuff and give away some too. I have just started and it took me two days, and I have not gone upstairs to get started on the room that stores all the kids’ toys and clothes. I have lots of clothes they cannot wear anymore and I think I better give it to Salvation Army. I have a baby cot, pram, stroller, playpen, and lots and lots of baby clothes.. I know who I can pass it to if I were in Penang but i’m in Singapore and the cost of postage will kill me.

After the whole day of spring cleaning, I wished I had bought that Oto eBliss I saw in Suntec over the weekend. It was going at S$238 and I tried on it and felt soo good. Now my body and back is aching I wished I had it. My body is telling me I am OLD! I also tried the Hip Hugger, very spunky and stylish chair but I don’t think my home can fit any new furniture unless I get rid of some first.

Look at my kids trying out the eBliss the other day. They always ‘attack’ these massage systems whenever we go out… and also the gym workout equipment and the trampolines. I have the Osim Gallop and they love it. Its a treat for them when they behave…hahahaha


Got Me Started On Spring Cleaning

posted by constance

Do you turn your pc off?  In the past I did, but lately, I leave the pc on with the Standby Mode. This desktop had also been giving me problems lately. I do not get enough power to have my hard disk startup so all I get is the flashing lights. Bummer! I had that problem last week and I had to find ways to realign my cables (messy messy) so that it is placed in such a way that the pc can be turned on. sigh..

Leaving the pc on standby mode works for me. Until yesterday when hubby turn off the pc. Oh dear, now I have problems starting it up again because the light is just blinking. What can I do now. My pictures and some work are in the hard disk. I have been trying to move and replug the cables for the past few hours.

After all that desperation, I decided to move the desk out. Now am waiting for the floor to dry since that place behind the desk is so dusty. I’ve got all the cables out too. That got me started on some spring cleaning and thinking about getting some modern furniture for my desktop. My current table looks boring too. It’s grey and looks like what you see in a stat board office.

I guess I have to use my laptop to blog for the time being.



Say “Please” and “Enclosure”

posted by constance

I don’t suppose you have kids that act like mine? Whenever I go shop for grocery, I have to really hide things from them. My younger girl Lea will try to ‘territorize’ anything that I have just bought, most of the time. I bought a large tin of biscuits this morning because my little girl loves those biscuits variety that comes in tins due to the surprise element. This morning I picked a tin of Julie’s Biscuits and when she saw them after school, she took them and went to the sofa with it. I told her to have her bath and lunch, which she did. But that did not stop her from making sure that those tin of biscuits belong to her, totally.

If you wish to take one, you have play by her rules before she gives you one.1.  Say “PLEASE”  2. Say “ENCLOSURE”

Thank God those biccies are all wrapped in 4-6 pieces otherwise the roaches will also be lying next to her.

I can’t help taking a snapshot of what she does this time. It can be hilarious!