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Contest Ending Soon

posted by constance

It is only 2 days away before the contest for the Top Commentator ends. It will end on the 30 October. The time that I take down the 4 names will be at 6pm Singapore/Malaysia time on the 30 October 2008. The comments that are posted after 6pm will not be counted.

So good luck everyone!

I’ve been rather lazy blogging lately. On Friday, I was in a jubilant mood because that was the last day of exam. I tied up some loose ends in spring cleaning upstairs and had a good time on Sat, Sun and Mon just not really doing much except stay home or bring the girls out.

Because the exam is over, Rae is now asking to go on my desktop often playing those games again. There is this site that she goes often and I, too have gotten addicted at the game she played so mom and daughter take turns playing! If you want to try it out, go to and try out the flash games there! I didn’t know that there are so many games that are so interesting there!!

  1. lil prince's mum Said,

    Next blog will be announcing the winner!~

    lil prince’s mum’s last blog post..Thankx for your Vote!

  2. hainankia Said,

    hi….wat contest is this????? kekekeke…just drop by and say hi to u

    hainankia’s last blog post..Photo from Cameron Highlands

  3. Dora Said,

    Yeah my elder niece is hooked with her gameboy now 🙂

    Dora’s last blog post..Do You Lend A Hand To Your Enemy?

  4. Dora Said,

    Oh this one is nearly to the end, how time flies… then looking forward to the next one next month! hehehe 😀

    Dora’s last blog post..Do You Lend A Hand To Your Enemy?

  5. mummy gwen Said,

    Good Luck to the Top 4..haha..I checked the website many flash games meh. No wonder mummy also hooked on to it already…kekeke

    mummy gwen’s last blog post..No More Forcing Now

  6. Ryan mami Said,

    Time really flies…! 🙂

    Ryan mami’s last blog post..Limited Access I’ve Got!!

  7. kikey Said,

    wow… one month liao~~ 🙂

    kikey’s last blog post..Lantern Parade

  8. Dora Said,

    I’ll check out and play the games with my niece this weekend 🙂

    Dora’s last blog post..Take Care Of Your Privacy

  9. Ryan mami Said,

    One more day to go!! So kan cheong… 😛

    Ryan mami’s last blog post..Limited Access I’ve Got!!

  10. constance Said,

    yes yes! may the best blogger win.

  11. allenooi Said,

    wah……. tmr will be the date…. i can win bo? hahahahah…..

  12. allenooi Said,

    seems like i have quite high chance also…. kekekeke.

  13. Dora Said,

    Oh today is the last day! 🙂

    Dora’s last blog post..Life Protection

  14. Dora Said,

    It’s about time.

    Dora’s last blog post..Halloween Decorations

  15. Kevin / Tau Tau Said,

    ohh my i loss….. will try 2 fight back 4 this month 😛

    Kevin / Tau Tau’s last blog post..Happy Birthday!!!

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