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Spring Cleaning Process Ongoing

posted by constance

My girls just couldn’t wait for Christmas. They have been talking about it since the past week. Lea wants to have a little Hello Kitty house with steps.  Not just any house, but the one that she saw in an OLD chinese VCD for kids. She calls it Hello Kitty-Go Down The Steps. It is actually similar to a dolls’ house and little furniture but they are Sanrio’s popular Hello Kitty product. This VCD has been around for decades and she thinks that the Hello Kitty house can be found now. It will be difficult to find that.

I’m not sure if I should get anymore toys for either of them, actually.

Rae actually has a large beautiful Doll’s Castle with lights that can turn on and off, and has a nice garden, porch and all the accessories to go with it. But she hardly plays with it now. Buying toys for kids can be a waste of money, actually because they get bored of it soon. I have been clearing up toys and I have just send 4 large bags of toys, clothes and a little children’s activity table to the Salvation Army yesterday. But there are still a lot of toys.

How much? See for yourself! All the cubby holes are filled with toys, collected over the years through gifts, amusement rewards and some are bought.  I also bought large plastic boxes with rollers to contain those that overflowed. I store kid’s bags and haversacks in those big boxes.

These are only AFTER packing away 4 extra large bags of kids’ stuff! My next cleanup would be the toys downstairs!

  1. Dora Said,

    Wow so many toys like those selling on shelves in shopping complex! 🙂

    Dora’s last blog post..Yummy Yogurt…

  2. Dora Said,

    Anyway, they are all sorted out in a very clean, tidy & neat manner.

    Dora’s last blog post..Yummy Yogurt…

  3. annant Said,

    i don have that mnay toys when i was a lil’ these days really spoiled!

  4. lil prince's mum Said,

    Wow! that’s neat and tidy~ Great job

    lil prince’s mum’s last blog post..Happy Holiday

  5. Dora Said,

    I started spring cleaning at home too, it’s surprise to see many stuff packed and throw away 😉

    Dora’s last blog post..I Think I Prefer Exercise …

  6. mummy gwen Said,

    Wow..That’s ALOT of stuff. You did a good job on tidying it up. 🙂

    mummy gwen’s last blog post..28 Months Old Milestones

  7. mummy gwen Said,

    Since I was a little girl till now, never in my life I had this much of toys…haha

    mummy gwen’s last blog post..28 Months Old Milestones

  8. Jesse Said,

    wow, your daughter really have a lot of soft toys…it must be hard time to clear up…

    Jesse’s last blog post..Things my brother bought for my children

  9. Ryan mami Said,

    Wow… nice collection of soft toys!! Tidy and neat too! I think my house will become like that one day pretty soon but not soft toys…will have lots of cars!

    Ryan mami’s last blog post..Limited Access I’ve Got!!

  10. kikey Said,

    hey, u bought so much toys for them!! 🙂

  11. kikey Said,

    hey, u bought so much toys for them!! 🙂

    kikey’s last blog post..Weekend Road Trip – New Hampshire (Part 3)

  12. Kevin / Tau Tau Said,

    wah tat really alot of toy wor….. sooooooo nice….

    Kevin / Tau Tau’s last blog post..Happy Birthday!!!

  13. Kinoko Land Said,

    wow there’s a lot lohhhh…… so cute and so neatly arranged 🙂 My husband keep throwing things, so many old toys already buang liao, our rabbit hut apartment cant afford storing too many things 🙁

  14. mott Said,

    gosh… does that mean, when my boys are a little bigger…there’ll be more toys? Despite the fact that I keep saying I shouldn’t buy..just as my hands reach into my purse to buy yet another toy?


    mott’s last blog post..On Other News

  15. health freak Said,

    That’s quite a lot of soft toys. I’ll bet you hv a hard time cleaning the shelves and washing the soft toys eh? I keep my gals’ soft toys in a toyogo box coz I cant stand the dust on the toys… I’m a clean freak, hehe….

    health freak’s last blog post..When All Else Fails To Wake Her Up….

  16. allenooi Said,

    adoi tiam tiam spring cleaning one….

  17. allenooi Said,

    so many things to keep and tidy ar?

  18. allenooi Said,

    true also la…. your daughters dolls occupied all the cupboards. really kia si lang.

  19. lil prince's mum Said,

    So many toys, yet so well-organized..

    lil prince’s mum’s last blog post..Gifts for me

  20. lil prince's mum Said,

    Soooooo many dollsssss

    lil prince’s mum’s last blog post..Gifts for me

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