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Bonus for Top Commentator Contest

posted by constance

It is only about 9 days away to the end of the top commentator contest giveaway. Who do you think will be my blog’s Top Commentator in my blog for October? Dora or Ryan Mami? Or others might catch up? There’s still time for unpredictable results. Are you going to be the one?

As a bonus to the 4 Top Commentator prizes, I am adding in some bonus prizes. Good Luck everyone!


Top 1 Commentator

8pcs Mini Fork/Spoon + Bonus Smiley Bento Belt and 2 pcs Shoyu mini container

Top 2 Commentator

Green Frog mitten/glove + Bonus 2 pcs Shoyu mini container

Top 3 Commentator

Animal flag bento picks + Bonus 1pc Shoyu mini container

Top 4 Commentator

Bento dish + Bonus 1pc Shoyu mini container

  1. annant Said,

    i have no hope for this month already 🙁

  2. mummy gwen Said,

    Wei…prizes are getting better but I’m wayyy behind. 🙁

    mummy gwen’s last blog post..This Is Our Weekend

  3. lil prince's mum Said,

    Wah~ got bonus prize somemore 🙂

    lil prince’s mum’s last blog post..New Ingredient

  4. constance Said,

    9 days is still a good time to catch up!

  5. amycheah Said,

    hey constance – u really tempt me with all those cute2 thing la.

  6. Immomsdaughter Said,

    Whoever the winners are, they’ll sure enjoy the lovely stuff. Good luck everyone 😉

    Immomsdaughter’s last blog post..Here’s The Answer!

  7. carol Said,

    They sure will be thrilled with the prices. 🙂

    carol’s last blog post..Our english speaking daughter

  8. xiaokia Said,

    Wa so cute… I like it. Pai seh ya this few week I was so busy until no surf net and my blog. All maintain by lor mee nia. hehe

    xiaokia’s last blog post..Breakfast at US Airport

  9. Ryan mami Said,

    Aiyoo… so nice! Actually I wanted win the bento dish… but the mini forks and spoons look attractive. 😛

    Ryan mami’s last blog post..E-L-E-V-E-N

  10. Ryan mami Said,

    By the way, the green frog mitten looks adorable too… In fact, all soooo nice! I’ve started back my cooking fever besides baking lately. Get myself prepared to start my bento quest before my boy starts eating more solid food! 😛

    Ryan mami’s last blog post..E-L-E-V-E-N

  11. Dora Said,

    Wow, got bonus on top of the original prizes! It’s really motivated ‘coz all of them are so CUTE! 😀

    Dora’s last blog post..Wear Bikini At McDonald!

  12. Dora Said,

    Constance, will you still hold the contest for next month & the following months?

    Dora’s last blog post..Wear Bikini At McDonald!

  13. constance Said,

    Dora, Yes, I will

  14. Dora Said,

    Oh that’s great, Constance! 🙂

    Dora’s last blog post..Translation? No Problem

  15. Jo-N Said,

    A contest? That sounds great! Are you into betoing?

    Jo-N’s last blog post..Creative or Lazy?

  16. Kevin / Tau Tau Said,

    cool stuff… but my comment no tat much wor.. how? haha

    Kevin / Tau Tau’s last blog post..Happy Birthday!!!

  17. Ryan mami Said,

    What if ties??

    Ryan mami’s last blog post..Limited Access I’ve Got!!

  18. constance Said,

    if it’s a tie, i’ll throw in another bonus!

  19. Ryan mami Said,

    Ooo… great!!!!

    Ryan mami’s last blog post..Limited Access I’ve Got!!

  20. allenooi Said,

    wah…… bonus bonus@!!!

  21. allenooi Said,

    i want i want!!!

  22. allenooi Said,

    the frog looks so chubi la….. but dont think i can get that already.

  23. allenooi Said,

    the first one also very nice wor…. who can get it leh? curious…

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  25. lil prince's mum Said,

    I juz noticed got this Bonus 1pc Shoyu mini container for the 4th prize… I think I only received the Bento dish~~~

    lil prince’s mum’s last blog post..Gifts for me

  26. Snow Said,

    Wow, my son will surely love the Bento dish + Bonus 1pc Shoyu mini container! Nice prize you have there! 😉

    Snow’s last blog post..Sherylee Sustiguer Crowned as Miss Turismo Pilipina 2008

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