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Results for Top Commentator Ending 30th October

posted by constance

It’s been an exciting October month. The contest for the Top Commentator in October’s contest has now come to an end. I appreciate all who came and support this and tried all their might to be the top commentator as at 30th October 2008 @ 6pm.

Here are the results of the names:






Congratulations to these top 4 bloggers. Now that you are the prize winners, please send your name and address information to me at and I will send you the gifts soon!

For those who didn’t manage this one, don’t worry. THERE WILL BE A NEW CONTEST COMING UP SOON. WATCH OUT FOR IT.


Are You A Compulsive Shopper?

posted by constance

I know of many women who enjoys online shopping. Retail therapy helps some women to calm their nerves, make some happy or even kill boredom. Some does it when they are angry or depressed. It may get out of control for the compulsive shoppers. The shops in the mall may be closed by a certain time but you never stop if you are into online shopping. Do you suffer from any of these symptoms? Because if you do, there is a place whereby you can make a confession about it and win some money (for more shopping!).

If you have a story to tell, funny, sad or quirky, why not get it off your chest in a Shop and Confess column. It could be in text or even a video. It’s pretty easy. All you need is just to register for the contest online at this website – and you can tell the world about your urge or any dark secrets you’ve been keeping inside.

You may want to watch this video below of how easy it is to confess and enter it in a contest and win $1,500 every month!


Orchard Road

posted by constance

On Monday, I was in Orchard. I had wanted to shop for a Takoyaki pan. As Takoyakis are Japan snacks, I decided to hit the Japanese shopping malls in town. In Orchard, we parked at the public car park just next to Wheelock Place. Since this year, many car parks in Orchard had raised their car park charges and if you are in Orchard, got to prepare paying as much as $7 – $12 car park just for a few hours’ shopping.

Below:Orchard Road (Roof of CK TANG), Isetan Orchard at Scotts/Orchard Junction

Since we had not been there for ages, we thought of walking along the shopping belt along Orchard Road. I didn’t like to take the tunnel roads because it makes me feel claustrophobic most of the time. Boy, this time I realised that Orchard has certainly changed. It was not pleasant to walk lately. There was too much hoardings from Wheelock all the way to Takashimaya!

ION in Progress

It was the building of ION, the new shopping mall, probably set to complete early next year. Not only that, there was lots of constructions going on. Apparently, many malls are upgrading their malls. The government is also doing a major makeover to Orchard Road malls and this time it certainly looks pretty messy.

Takashimaya Shopping Centre in Ngee Ann City

I finally saw few takoyaki pans in Takashimaya but those were stove top ones. I want to get an electrical one so I shall be looking around maybe in other areas again.


Contest Ending Soon

posted by constance

It is only 2 days away before the contest for the Top Commentator ends. It will end on the 30 October. The time that I take down the 4 names will be at 6pm Singapore/Malaysia time on the 30 October 2008. The comments that are posted after 6pm will not be counted.

So good luck everyone!

I’ve been rather lazy blogging lately. On Friday, I was in a jubilant mood because that was the last day of exam. I tied up some loose ends in spring cleaning upstairs and had a good time on Sat, Sun and Mon just not really doing much except stay home or bring the girls out.

Because the exam is over, Rae is now asking to go on my desktop often playing those games again. There is this site that she goes often and I, too have gotten addicted at the game she played so mom and daughter take turns playing! If you want to try it out, go to and try out the flash games there! I didn’t know that there are so many games that are so interesting there!!


I Love Katong

posted by constance

Singapore has it’s pros and cons. In my late teens and 20s, i’m an Orchard Road junkie. I go to Orchard Road almost everyday to shop, hang out with friends, hang out at Paragon ladies room (because it was the best place for girls to talk cosmetics in the makeup area with sofas and large mirrors) and hang out at Danny’s since it was open 24 hours.

In my late 20s I hang out at Tanjung Pagar mostly since  I used to work there and after work, I’d be at Orchard Road, hanging out at Borders’ bistro, Coffee Club and Coffee Bean. Those were the day when you had no worries, no commitments and friends are very much a part of your life.

But as I grow older I realized that my needs have changed dramatically and I no longer enjoy going to Orchard Road, crowded places and don’t really like swanky places. I love those places that are in the outskirts, and those places that remind me of little Penang, of course. Ah Boy and I love to go to Katong area mostly or just neighbourhood towns but our kids do not.  As much as I love Chinatown, I cannot stand the crowd there so most of the time we will go Katong area trying out food in their quaint old coffeeshops.

Katong district is east side of Singapore


328 Katong Laksa


99 Hakka Food shop


Look at some of the pics I took when we were there few weeks back. This is the best part of Katong area, lots of little food shops. You can find the popular Katong laksa, Bak kut teh at Joo Chiat area, Nyonya Kim Choo that is popular for it’s peranakan food or even discover a Hakka food outlet here. There was once when I was told there was a Penang Place (that sells Penang food) but apparently it has closed down.

Katong is my little gem.


Still Keeping Some Baby’s Stuff

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I bought these new stack up cabinets last week in the midst of my spring cleaning. I wanted to put them downstairs next to my desktop to store office supplies like all my papers, files and other stationery. However after tidying up the room upstairs, I ended up using it for my kids little bags, purses, and kids’ swimming goggles, some of the baby napkins and clothes that I just couldn’t bear to throw away. I guess some part of me always want to keep some of my girls’ baby clothes still.

Each year, I do take them out, throw a few pieces and still shortlist out some for keeps. And I try not to throw the old baby cloth napkins as they are very good for cleaning, and covering some small pieces of items when we go holiday.


Spring Cleaning Process Ongoing

posted by constance

My girls just couldn’t wait for Christmas. They have been talking about it since the past week. Lea wants to have a little Hello Kitty house with steps.  Not just any house, but the one that she saw in an OLD chinese VCD for kids. She calls it Hello Kitty-Go Down The Steps. It is actually similar to a dolls’ house and little furniture but they are Sanrio’s popular Hello Kitty product. This VCD has been around for decades and she thinks that the Hello Kitty house can be found now. It will be difficult to find that.

I’m not sure if I should get anymore toys for either of them, actually.

Rae actually has a large beautiful Doll’s Castle with lights that can turn on and off, and has a nice garden, porch and all the accessories to go with it. But she hardly plays with it now. Buying toys for kids can be a waste of money, actually because they get bored of it soon. I have been clearing up toys and I have just send 4 large bags of toys, clothes and a little children’s activity table to the Salvation Army yesterday. But there are still a lot of toys.

How much? See for yourself! All the cubby holes are filled with toys, collected over the years through gifts, amusement rewards and some are bought.  I also bought large plastic boxes with rollers to contain those that overflowed. I store kid’s bags and haversacks in those big boxes.

These are only AFTER packing away 4 extra large bags of kids’ stuff! My next cleanup would be the toys downstairs!


Festive Cheer

posted by constance

It is going to be the end of October. For once in Singapore, Christmas decors in Orchard Road are rather late. In the previous years, especially in the 90s, you can see Orchard Road getting dressed in the early stages for Christmas decoration from as early as 2nd week of October. And in the heartland malls there’d be large structures for the preparation too.

Perhaps this time is due to the economy crisis. Many malls have cut down expenses. Our electricity tariffs are going to be high this quarter and it is not pegged to the oil price. So this Christmas, it will be expensive for that Light-up in Orchard Road. But it will still be as brilliant. I have no idea what the theme will be this year.

Christmas is celebrated in a big way in Singapore. Everyone celebrates it here. It is a joyous time for all with lots of gift baskets going around if you are in business. In offices, there will be lots of gift exchange too. Anyone played Santa before?


Busy As A Bee

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Only less than a week before exam finishes. I am frantically helping my girl with revision in the little time she has right after school and homework. It is so stressful and I try to cover as much as I can. She has 3 more major papers to go, of which are where the majority marks will be. Her final paper will be maths on Friday and is the most stressful subject for her.

On my hubby’s side, he is busy planning and finalising his end of the year festive promotions. In the office, the secretary is also making a list of corporate holiday cards to send out to the members of the club. At home, I am busy doing spring cleaning a little bit at a time before my helper goes away for holidays. Hopefully things will slow down a bit by the middle of December because we are going to take a short holiday break with the kids.


Bonus for Top Commentator Contest

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It is only about 9 days away to the end of the top commentator contest giveaway. Who do you think will be my blog’s Top Commentator in my blog for October? Dora or Ryan Mami? Or others might catch up? There’s still time for unpredictable results. Are you going to be the one?

As a bonus to the 4 Top Commentator prizes, I am adding in some bonus prizes. Good Luck everyone!


Top 1 Commentator

8pcs Mini Fork/Spoon + Bonus Smiley Bento Belt and 2 pcs Shoyu mini container

Top 2 Commentator

Green Frog mitten/glove + Bonus 2 pcs Shoyu mini container

Top 3 Commentator

Animal flag bento picks + Bonus 1pc Shoyu mini container

Top 4 Commentator

Bento dish + Bonus 1pc Shoyu mini container