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Suicide Attempt Unsuccessful…

posted by constance

And Safety For Another Foiled..

I was reading yesterday’s newspaper about a woman who tried to kill herself. Well, this woman, a Taiwanese tried to commit suicide by jumping from a rooftop. She was Ms Kuo, 64, jumped from a five storey apartment building in near Taipei in this city called Chungho at about 2pm last Saturday (26th Aug). She was reported to have been ill and also attempted to commit suicide several times.

Although I am not the sort who would go into preaching, I felt that perhaps it is not the right time for her to die. If she had really been unlucky, she would have been dead in her earlier attempts. Even in this attempt of suicide, she was not successful in her death wish either. She had been given many chances to be alive but this poor woman had only that one motive in her mind, to be dead. That is so sad.

Did you really know what happened? Another woman Ms Lee, aged 53 who had just returned home with her husband, had been walking just on the ground level on that particular building. She moved below under the awning to avoid an oncoming vehicle just then. But her attempt to stay alive was foiled by Ms Kuo who jumped from the building, and fell on her. Suffering a brain haemorrhage, she died in the hospital.

We don’t really plan our lives and deaths. Just like the report above, one who do not want to die could not really avoid it at all. Had she not moved under the awning, she would have been knocked down by the oncoming vehicle. And the person who inflicted death punishment on herself is still alive. The big man up there is the person who has it all in his hands. He probably had it all mapped out.

In yesterday’s papers, it reported that an average or one suicide happens in every two hours. Last year alone, 3,900 Taiwanese killed themselves, and in Asia, Taiwan has one of the highest suicide rates!

  1. Tammy Said,

    Wow that is scary and very sad!

  2. wen Said,

    it also happens to a lot of youngsters too esp japan, thats what i read abt

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  3. Dora Said,

    I’m wondering why those ppl have the gut to die but don’t have the gut to stay alive…strange! Those who have the tendency to commit suicide will go for it again in the future although they are being saved now.

    Dora’s last blog post..Is Instant Noodle So Delicious?…

  4. kikey Said,

    the number report is so scary!!

    kikey’s last blog post..13th day ~ Casper, WY -> Salt Lake City, UT

  5. KittyCat Said,

    Hi Constance! This is indeed a sad story esp for Ms. Lee. Life is full of ironies – my strong as an ox father was the one who got cancer and quickly left us just slightly more than 2 months of falling sick. Life is short. We’ve got to live it!

    KittyCat’s last blog post..The Chinese preschool in China

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