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Monday is full of anticipation

posted by constance

Oh it is the beginning of the week again.. A week just whizzed by before I realised it. Mondays are quite stressful because it makes me feel that I have lots of routine and errands to run in the beginning of a week. Sometimes my memory fails me so I need to jot down the things, datelines, and schedule that my kids have in school, out of school and also not neglect my blog here too.

I also need to buy myself a little notebook so I can safely write down all important information like signing in userids and passwords too. Sometimes my brain jumble up and it is difficult to remember which one is for which one! Do you get that? Life is filled with ids, passwords, pin numbers, account numbers and others. It’s giving me a headache already! And I have also been visiting the blogs less than often lately.. but I will be back once I get everything in order.. Now it’s all in chaos!

  1. Tammy Said,

    My weeks are always hectic and last weekend was also. Thank goodness for coffee! ;o)

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