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First Home

posted by constance

When I bought my first home many years ago, I had the chance to design my home from scratch. We did simple renovation for flooring, ceiling and walls. The little details came from the accessories that we added around the house. It was easier this way so that we can change the interior when we are sick and tired of it. The kitchen was a little more extravagant. We both love cooking. We made sure that there was a big stove oven and a separate kitchenette for dry items.  Among the items we splurge were the breakfast cum bar counter top with double sinks and bar faucets. After all the kitchen was big enough for both of us. It was a shame that we sold that off years later as we need more space as we were going to start a family. Being our first home, those little designer faucets were costly. But we were glad the young couple who bought the place loved them so much they didn’t do any renovation at all.


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