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Couch Potato

posted by constance

I’ve had this craving for Good ‘Ol Fish and Chips lately. Every where I go, I will check to see if they have Fish and Chips. I love the type where they give you some malt vinegar on it.. An English Pub in Tanjung Pagar used to sell those. But I’m not sure if it is still around.

I love the slighly sourish taste of vinegar and I’d soak my chips in them. Practically drown them all in malt vinegar. The other day, I decided to buy a large pack of thick cuts fries. I’ve already got some home-made crumbed fish fingers all frozen in my freezer. I am waiting for my little Lea to recover then together, with Rae and Lea, we’ll have a great time just sitting in front of the television and watching some selected dvds and munching on ’em. Three couch potatoes enjoying life.

Of course I know that after this episode of stuffing my face, I probably have to source for the best acne treatments because I will probably be facing another outbreak then.


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