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Super Supper

posted by constance

Hubby picked up some fresh clams when he went to get some beer at the grocers. He probably had the urge to eat more since it was his day off. I wasn’t really sure what he wanted to cook but he said a meal in a seafood restaurant in KL during the last vacation sent signals that he wanted to cook a broth with clams in them. So he bought some minced pork, corn on cob and fresh clams.

He started to make the stock for the broth but I wasn’t watching so not too sure what he used in it. But the end product was really delicious and it had a good amount of Chinese Cooking wine in it. The clams tasted really fresh and the minced meatball was also yummy. The best part was, of course the broth. We had seconds and thirds till it was empty. Kids were already in bed so it was a supper meal for us.. Perhaps I should name it Clam Broth in Cooking Wine?

  1. kikey Said,

    look yummy o…
    host parents always enjoy the moment when the kids go to bed too.. :p

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  2. Kinoko Land Said,

    wow, this dish looks very strange, unique and new to me 🙂 , bcs so far i havent known clam and corn and minced pork can go together in soup!! i can’t imagine the taste but it sure looks good in the picture 😉 you are lucky Hoon hihihi.

    Kinoko Land’s last blog post..Impetigo contagiosa

  3. Mrs. Wallace Said,

    It’s look yummy. I want some too! Can add meehoon if you want a more to fill up the stomach. He…he…

  4. Tammy Said,

    That looks delicious!

    Tammy’s last blog post..Saturday Night At The Drive-In

  5. Ryan mami Said,

    Wow… looks yummy! Your hubby is a good cook! *so envy* Mine isn’t… sigh.

    Ryan mami’s last blog post..The Little Mover Man

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