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Lost Your Page Rank? I’m OK, This Time.

posted by constance

Ok Ok.. So Google finally caught up with me. What? My PR, of course. Before today, I had PR 3 on this blog and now it is PR 0. What can I say.. It’s sooner or later. Google has been doing this for the longest time. It’s not about how much or how little traffic you have. I believe it’s about doing paid posts.

For now, I can’t really do much about it. After all, Google rules. They did that to my other blog  early this year (they stripped my mere PR1 to PR0) but gave me back my PR (PR2) in early April. Now they strip this blog’s PR too. Guess I’ll have to wait several months later to see if they will give it back..

Would you be disappointed if they did that? I was, in January cos I only had one blog then. But this time, I guess I didn’t really feel disappointed or sad. It was an excuse to do less paid posts because I have been spending less time with my girls since I started with paid posts. That means with the lesser opportunity, I have more time with my girls.

So for those of you who have your PRs maintained, keep it up, for those who got additional PRs, congratulations. And for those like me, don’t worry. If you love blogging, keep it up. Google will give it back when they review Page Ranks in a few months.

And thanks to all my blogger friends who have been visiting and supporting my blogs. I will keep blogging, of course. And smell the roses a little. Call this a blessing in disguise. Have a great week!

  1. Tammy Said,

    I hate it when google does that! I had a PR 4 then a PR 0 and now a PR 3. I don’t think they know what they are doing over there at google.

    Tammy’s last blog post..The Vanished Kingdom

  2. Angeleyes Said,

    hey…. my MSN got cut off too!
    No worries… we can still chat another time!
    If not we catch up when I’m down in SG.

  3. constance Said,

    tammy ~ agree totally. there should be a new way of ranking.. hope Izea’s ranking catch up soon!

    angeleyes ~ yup yup yup. was nice chatting with you anyway. really nice! 😛

  4. allenooi Said,

    haiyo, so cham… sien niam si lang google. so bad! shhhhhh…. cannot say so loud, later they come grab mine away, i will cry!

    allenooi’s last blog post..Sabah: Lunch at Kinabalu Rose Cabin

  5. constance Said,

    allenooi ~ hahaha won’t la unless they translate yr words..hehehe

  6. ellynleow Said,

    At least u hv the time to maintain 2 blogs and can get back your PR on certain blog.

  7. mott Said,

    i lost it ages ago… i can’t be bothered anymore… so, I don’t as many ops I did back then…then again, I don’t seem to have the time to do them! 😉

    mott’s last blog post..Kids : The mini-me’s

  8. emila Said,

    Hello Constance! Mine was 4 before it dropped to 0 and jumped back to 3. I’m doing paid posts too so I anticipate that mine will be back to 0 again. Well, que sera, sera.

    emila’s last blog post..Canned – IF

  9. health freak Said,

    Mine was a PR4 but was stripped off the title 8 mths ago. Now, i couldnt be bothered anymore with the PR 🙂 As you said, PR0 = less paid posts = more time with the kids 🙂

    health freak’s last blog post..Get A Cisco Certificate And A Rewarding Career In IT

  10. constance Said,

    mott, emila, health freak mummy ~ it was nice doing paid posts but we kinda lose ourselves to be slave to it then. i call my pr drop a blessing in disguise, time being…

  11. Monica Said,

    Hi Constance, I had PR 4 and now it is PR 3 *sigh*
    oh btw, nice blog you have here!!!! 😉

    Monica’s last blog post..Lost

  12. Nicholas Said,

    My site have been stuck at PR3 for long, no new PR yet. =(

    Nicholas’s last blog post..Gurney Plaza Extension New Wing, opening in November 2008

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