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World Wide Link-Love

posted by constance

I received this tag from Geng. I think doing tags are the best way to get your blog around the world and meet more bloggers. As long as it doesn’t require all those answering of complicated questions, you can tag me anytime.. lol  I’ve seen a tag that goes around and have to answer as many as 30 questions… oh my goodness!
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Wanna join, and you can’t find your name on the list? Just leave a comment here.
Worldwide Link Love! Participants:

1. Julia (Philippines) 2. Catherine (Malaysia) 3. shimumsy(u.s.a) 4. Mitch (Philippines) 5. Hailey (Philippines)
6. Sexymom (USA) 7. Liza (Philippines) 8. Geng (Philippines) 9. SunnySideUp Foodie (Singapore) 10. Caramelcorn (Singapore)  11. Constance (Singapore)

 Anyway, here’s to my lovely bloggers friends to add more link love to their blogs: Sue, Dragon, Jerla, Chikai, Ling, Johnny Kiu, Twinkle, Everyday Healy


Happy Things That Made Me Happy, recently

posted by constance

Joze tagged me to do a post about 10 recent things that made me happy. Gosh, I wouldn’t mind doing this except that I have a memory like a forgetful spider. But still, I will try, okay? hehe

10 things that made me happy, recently

1. Having ice cream with my girls
2. Sleeping Late on Sunday Morning
3. Sharing the happiness that my best friend had a good shopping trip in KL recently. We were both anxious about how the trip will turn out.
4. Comfort food on Sunday Lunch. That was having Chicken Rice at the little quaint cafe Kopitiam at IMM with my family. It was a good chicken rice. YUMMY.
5. My girl did well in her ballet exam. She had almost perfect result.
6. Listening to Rae playing her happy pieces on the piano.
7. Managed to clear my bowels after a bout of constipation from the recovery of flu..hehehe
8. I bought 2 pcs of quality POLO shirts at $10 per pc. Almost bought one at $18 with a horizontal stripes.
9. Found a nice and simple Mother of Pearl cufflinks for Ah Boy, for his birthday present.
10. Going to the library and reading Children’s Storybooks 😛

I would like to pass on this happy tag to Hainankia, Taugeh and Hazel. Blog about the 10 happy moments recently…


SYDNEY Gets New Wheels

posted by constance

Last Thursday, I decided to reward Sydney with a new set of wheels. I was lucky that when I sent my car for inspection in March, Sydney received a Passed Certificate. I was so glad because I had delayed changing the tyres and if it fails, I’d be paying inspection fee again after getting the new tyres.

In case you’re wondering what kind of test is that, let me explain. If you drive in Singapore, any cars that had exceeded the 3rd year of age onwards, has to go for full inspection yearly to make sure the car is certified fit to drive on Singapore roads. A car goes through differrent point checks like tyre and brakes, engine, pollution, misc. A car that has not been serviced or may have some underlying problems will not get an approved certificate and will not be allowed to renew its road tax. You need your approved certificate for road tax renewal yearly.


I went to this vehicle hyperstore that specialises in car accessories, Autobacs. They have very helpful attendants with good car knowledge there. I got the cheapest available tyres.. hahaha the Yokohama since I was already quite broke this month. With alignment fee of $80, and full set of tyres, the bill certainly dug a bigger hole in my pocket. sob sob! After the tyre exchange, I’d be heading to west to renew insurance and road tax too. I think I shall have to indulge in 101 ways of eating instant noodles after this..

I was adviced to go for nitrogen gas in future instead of the usual air you get at the petrol station. These gas will be supplied free for the life of these tyres. I have not quite decided, maybe I might until my lazyness gets the better of me.


UFO Catcher

posted by constance


Last Saturday, my girls pestered us to bring them to the entertainment centre. The kind that had those arcade games, and UFO catchers. Sometimes Ah Boy and I goes there to watch people play. In the olden days, we didn’t like to go to these places because of some rowdy boys but in the late, lots of these entertainment stores have changed. The audience is not as unsavoury as the past. My girls love those soft toys from the UFO catcher. To me, I felt that these can be bought from many toy stores but then Ah Boy likes the challenge of this game, not so much for the toys. He can be a good dart player (prob from his dart playing days in the Pub?) and he is always where the challenge is.. I remembered how he good-sportedly picked up the Billy Tea can and used arm swing at 360 degree to see if the hot tea spills on a trip in Australia. It was meant to be a demo but when they asked the audience to try it, he went ahead..

So there we were, parents with their two young daughters slotting in coins for the Mickey Mouse soft toy for the girls. It was fast for the first one for Lea but the second one was too tricky. There were many people watching but he was so adament to get it (cos Rae was nagging that she had none) so in the end he managed to pick one up for Rae.. Yippeee! I was just cheering on with encouragement.. Mummy dunno how to play these and sure will spend so much for nothing.


See the UFO catcher in action. Mickey soft toy for Rae and Lea.


Aaaah Chooo!

posted by constance

sniffles sniffles.. i hardly have much mood to write the past few days. I’m nursing a cold. It’s miserable to catch one. When I do, it’s a terrible one. I can’t remember the last time I had it. Maybe once about 7 or 8 months ago.


I worry that when I get it, I might pass it to the girls. It’s not a good time at all. Rae has plenty of stuff going on this month with today being her Royal Academy Ballet exam first thing in the morning. I had a terrible headache and feeling very sickly but I can’t afford to stay home and rest. Got to be at the exam centre by 8am. Getting the girls to have breakfast is a stressful affair. Lea needs to be at her nursery by 8.30am.

Murphy’s Law is working. As soon as I started my journey to the centre, I realised that my tyres felt abit weird. It felt deflated… No choice, cruising along I sent Rae to the exam centre, encouraged her and stayed till she goes into the room. I had no time to worry about my tyres. I called daddy to send Lea to nursery because I will be late. Daddy doesn’t have any idea where Lea’s classroom is… See? If only he had a little bit more initiative not to be too self indulgent in his own work only. Grrr… I told him, by hook or by crook you have to send, let Lea show the way once you are in the school grounds. It is a big school but I’m sure my little girl knows her orientation better than daddy..

About 9.00am I left Rae with her Ballet instructor to bring the car to the service centre in Shell nearby, where I sent Sydney (Sydney is my car, ok?) for servicing last month. The regular fella said it did look kind of deflated but it is not a flat tyre. Aiyo.. i dunno anything about cars la. He inflated more air into Sydney’s wheels and asked with a grin.. Wei, how long you haven’t pump air into the tyres aahh…. Yikes! Err… I just sort of mumbled some excuse like err.. I just serviced it few weeks ago and didn’t realised the tyres are out of air so fast ka… (feeling hot and flushed in my face, either with embarrassment or my ongoing fever? I prefer to think it’s the latter.) Then after he’d done with Sydney, he said I am alright for now, but maybe check it in a few days if it is really leaking… I nodded, thank him gracefully (no curtsy but I am fascinated by ballerina’s curtsy) and asked how much. He said no need so I thanked again lah. Anyway he was the regular guy who serviced my car so he always give me free inspection ma.. err i mean give Sydney Free Inspection ( I repeat, not me).


Drove back home feeling safer and taller too (more air in wheels). I was a little hungry so had a little leftover beef stew daddy had cooked on Saturday for dinner. Stews taste better after a day old. I thought of having a lighter meal cos some say starve a cold, but I think I’d be starving myself

Look at the time! Oh No! It’s 10am! Time to pick Rae from the centre. Drove out (no time to put on jeans liao, shorts will do!) and went to the centre. I was waiting outside the exam room for 15mins when I realised that how come no one was around… only realised that one floor below is where the ballerinas have their hair done.. Rae was waiting for me in there with all the other ballerinas waiting for their turn. It was like a little room before a concert. Lots of girly stuff like ribbons, sashes and a large boxes of hair accessories.

Ms Tang and Ms Sandra (both Rae’s ballet teacher) commented Rae had done well! I thanked them and quickly made some excuse to leave. I had to bring Rae home to change and send her to school! She can’t miss the later lessons because there is a maths test at about 12noon. Rae received a little prezzie from the ballet teachers and felt on top of the world. I drove back, got her changed into her school uniform in the midst of her whines ‘I don’t want to go to school..’. Gave her a little something to eat and we were off to school about 11am. As soon as I dropped her I came back home. But it was already after 11am.. I know in 20 mins time I have to leave again, this time to pick Lea from nursery. Gosh I really feel so tired by then. I had a drink of hot tea to clear my stuffy nose. Then I was out again.. sigh sigh sigh.. I reached the nursery just before 12noon and picked Lea and the teachers raved about Daddy sent Lea to school today… bla bla bla.. wei.. don’t tell me Mummy send everyday not important meh. One day daddy it’s the talk of the day ka. Even Lea felt proud about telling the teacher about how daddy sent her to school today.. ya ya ya Rub it in somemore lah. (in my heart, Next time you take school bus lah!)

As soon as Lea goes home, I have an hour before I plan to go out and send Rae lunch.. If I don’t do that, she will never eat lunch and will go hungry till 4pm when I pick her after remedial.. For an hour, I can blog but it’s very unsettling so I thought might as well blog about how my day went. So, pretty soon, I’ll be up and away to pick Rae again. My day’s like this most of the time, running in and out. When Lea starts primary school, I wonder if I will be busier or ?

I feel like taking forty winks but better not. My flu medicine makes me a little drowsy. I think I shall have that cup of coffee after all. I need my shot of caffeine.


Sheets for Couples

posted by constance


I saw this somewhere online and was thinking hard about buying it. I wanted to get it for my friend who is getting married this year. I know she’ll be getting gifts and red packets but I wanted to get a little prezzie for her love nest. I do wonder if she’d use it. I think this would also be a good Christmas Present too!


iPhone 3G version is coming to Singapore!

posted by constance


Loyal Apple fans and iPhone’s enthusiasts in Singapore will be able to celebrate their triumph this year when the 2.0 3G version will be released. I was surfing through some gadgets guide when I read the news in several sites. If the released is going to be by this year, that means I have a choice of Sony Ericsson or Apple iPhone!

ChannelNewsAsia reported that SingTel (the operator I’m using now) will be launching it. Slated to be the latest model, it will be retailed at S$690. Some vendors are selling current version at about S$1,000 or more. The demand in Singapore is still unbelievably high so business will be brisk for the launch, I am sure. I hope that I will be able to discount off about one or two hundred dollars for continuety of my contract with Singtel, plus maybe trade off my current Sony Ericsson. I can’t wait!

I had a good look at my friend’s iPhone last week. WOW!!!