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Golden Snapper

posted by constance

It has been a long time since I hardly posted any of my marketing stuff. I hardly shop for groceries like last year. I had more time then. This year, because I blog full time, I hardly go out except taxi-ing my girls to and fro school, nursery, enrichments, tuition and co curricular activity. These trips are enough to make any mummy tired. Sometimes I get in and out as many as 16 trips a day. An average day will take me in and out about 8 trips a day, minimum. So you can imagine my petrol consumption which I am not even going to bring it up.


I love to go ‘fishing’. Well when i mean fishing, i mean marketing for seafood… hahaha Last weekend, I was in Giant and saw that the Golden Snappers were really cheap – 99 cents per 100gm (did i get it correct?) I got one large size more than a kilo at only $12.xx! That was really cheap and the whole family couldn’t finish the lovely fish which Ah Boy baked it. Yummy!

  1. Ryan mami Said,

    Oh boy! When it comes to buying fish at the wet market, I’m unable to identify the types of fish & it’s name! I only buy fillets as me & my hubby don’t like fishes with bones 😛

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