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The Sweetest Smile Tag

posted by constance

Dora tagged me this. She wanted to see my smile. hahaha I wish I have some recent pictures to show. Perhaps being a mother, I have always been taking more photos of my kids then of my own. So even if I don’t have much of a sweet smile to show, I have lots of my girls. Lea, my younger one is very cheeky and would mostly pose for me. This picture that I have here was taken months back in the lavatory.. hahaha No X-rated shots because I took them at an angle so that in the near future she will not ‘juling’ mommy for exposing these to her future boyfriend.

So, there you are! The Sweetest Smile by Little Lea. Hope you liked it. I’m tagging The Sweetest Smile to Kacang, Hainam Keipui, TinTin, Sotongbin. Show me some sweet smiles, will you?


  1. Sue Said,

    Apa ini…pang sai smelly smile…..hehe..

    Sue’s last blog post..6th Contest!!

  2. Joze Foo Said,

    hahaha…pangsai smelly smile..hahaha…….ok…let me camwhore first and capture my sweetest smile…lol!

    Joze Foo’s last blog post..Chef Julia- The Authentic Malaysian Breakfast

  3. Kevin/Taugeh Said,

    Haha really cute wor…….

    Kevin/Taugeh’s last blog post..My New 2nd Hand PC!!!!

  4. ~tsp~ Said,

    lea so cute….naxt time when she grows up show her this pic again ah….hehe..

    ~tsp~’s last blog post..Rat, Tikus & ‘Miao Chu’…1

  5. Kopi Soh Said,

    I still wanna request to see YOUR sweetest smile can ar??

  6. -tony- Said,

    got it..!!! haiyo… wanna pinch her….!! i do the tag.. but lucas la.. i can’t smile. i look like sotong.

    -tony-‘s last blog post..Spooky! grandma, where are you going?

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