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Camping In Style

posted by constance

I enjoy the outdoors alot. In Singapore, there are many camp sites available and it is not expensive to book a campsite and have a barbecue with family and friends. One can book a campsite and set up just next to the barbecue pit and take shelter in by the gazebos nearby if it rains and their tents are not water resistant.


My family and I love to walk by the beach and parks and most of the time we see little campsites along the beach. Imagine how shocked we were when we saw this campsite that was built around the gazebo. These campers certainly are veterens to camping. They had not just brought the basics in camping but they had extended their tents in a larger scale. What was astonishing about this campers were that they even fix a television into it! Why would you want to watch the television ala hi tech when you are in a campsite? I think they might as well have just stayed home in their comfy home with electricals appliances or just rent a hotel room or chalet instead. I wonder how long they intended to camp there… Look at the pictures. I didn’t dare go too near to take the shot so I stood away from the campsite and pretended to take the trees nearby…  hahaha

  1. Jo-N Said,

    Haha, modern camping!

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  2. Tot's Mom Said,

    Camping also need some entertainment what! So, got TV makes life more interesting-lah. 😉

    Tot’s Mom’s last blog post..Strong Love Poem

  3. Joze Foo Said,

    wah…tv some more? Ya la…i agree with you they should stay at home instead… For me i will only bring my mp3 player and camera….

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  4. ~tsp~ Said,

    wht are they thinking,..watching tv while camping…

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  5. Rose Said,

    How come use such camp??? hehehe

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  6. Angeleyes Said,

    Yeah… seen such b4 in ECP… I cannot understand why they like to move part of their home just for a day…. crazy rite? Not that the weather is ‘cooling’….

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