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Three Nurseries and she’s not even 4!

posted by constance

I received Lea’s photo from her previous nursery last week. Although she had not turned 4 yet, she had survived 3 nurseries from a period of 1 and half years. The current one she is attending is her third and I am so relieved that she has been able to adapt into it quickly. I retrieved her old pictures from my archived folder and saw that she had really transform into that toddler who used to be so afraid of strangers to one that bolder that she even took a solo standing singing a song in front of her class, considering that she had just been there less than a month!


Her first nursery was more like a playgroup whereby I send her for a few hours twice a week just at the daycare centre because the place had very good environment and it was a place parents could peep in anytime. She was still on diapers then and the teacher aid that was in the class happens to be someone I know and had always been smitten by Lea since birth. The second nursery was the one that Rae had been in, and before Rae graduated from Kindy, I enrolled Lea for some decent education, but little did I expect them to change hands recently due to poor business in the area. The residential area alone had about 5 centres within walking distance so they are competing for business badly. The director decided that it was too stressful keeping up with business and rental costs so decided to call it quits after almost 10 years of love and educating the young. It was quite sad because they were the most hands on and humane centres in that area.

Her current one is actually one that is established and church owned. This one follows the normal school term which is just right because when my girl is having her school holidays, Lea can also enjoy it too. I should have sent her here in the first place because they are very systematic and runs like a proper school. This is good to help her adjust to primary school in future.

  1. Joze Foo Said,

    the third pic was the latest one right? She was not as chubby as before adi ya? She is thinner…

    Joze Foo’s last blog post..I am so addicted to Jam!

  2. Jo-N Said,

    It’s such a relieve to have found the right kindy.

    Jo-N’s last blog post..Welcome To The Doll House by Danity Kane

  3. Rose Said,

    wow! 3 nurseries within 2 years. But glad to hear that she adapt to the last one. I agreed that we need to find a suitable one for our children as not every nurseries fit them.

    I am thinking of enrol my daughter to a nursery soon, maybe when she is around 2.5 or 3 years, see how she goes. Need proper education and teacher to teach her, as she getting very naughty now! hahah

    Rose’s last blog post..Weekend Menu #9

  4. Tot's Mom Said,

    Wow! 3 kindies in such a short time. A record of sorts?

    Tot’s Mom’s last blog post..Strong Love Poem

  5. Angeleyes Said,

    She look cheeky on the last pic…

  6. BK Said,

    Putting children through nursery certainly isn’t not easy. Glad to hear that your daughter is adapting well in her new nursery. My niece is currently attending a nursery that is church owned too and the schedule pretty much follow the normal school term too.

    BK’s last blog post..Is Money the Root of all Evil?

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