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Something is not right. In the recent hot news, an art major from Yale, by the name of Aliza Shwarts will be doing something she thinks is considered “ART” for an exhibition. Her displays start next tuesday. She will exhibit preserved blood from the process of miscarriages that she had induced taking abortifacient drugs herself. Before that she also artificially inseminate herself “as often as possible”. All these will documented based on the 9 months of process she had undergone and the exhibition will also feature video recordings of these abortion processes and miscarriages that she experienced in a bathroom tub!

Even as I am writing this, a feeling of nausea creeps up because as an art student myself when I was in my twenties, I could never see this happening. Her goal was to create or to spark a debate between art and the human body and it’s relationship. I somehow cannot see anything like that as a part of art. Art, by all means is provoking. But cetainly that doesn’t warrant anything like this cruel act or abuse that she set on herself just because she owns the right to her own body?

In the living world, a person who tries to commit suicide is considered as an act against the law. Would you even allow a person who commits suicide to argue and use this act as art? Insemination and then inducing miscarriage is certainly an act of abuse. Be it on herself or on the fetus, is certainly immoral. How could Yale even allow such project to be taking place. Without even the consultation of a doctor, she thinks is fine. Had she actually studied medicine or understood the body before she undertakes such a risk?

How could someone do such a thing. I really cannot digest. It’s as good as commiting a sin or some kind of cult-ish act. Art imitates Life? This is totally extreme. Totally sick. How could anything like that be allowed in her school. What if other art students were to follow her example and does all sort of harm on themselves just for the sake of art?

  1. emila yusof Said,

    This is sadistic! I agree with you Constance!

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