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A Gem of a Foodcourt

posted by constance

For some of you who lived in Singapore, you may have heard of Jurong Entertainment Centre. Although I have been living here for half of my life, I have not really step foot on it before. Singapore has so many malls and shopping centres and I don’t travel to this particular shopping centre even though this area has developed into a small banking hub over the past few years. I am usually there to handle CPF and Banking transactions, as well as Insurance matters.

Few weeks ago, my family and I were in the area for the same monthly errands when we walked into the centre to look for restrooms for the girls. It was quite a surprise that this place is not really as ‘ulu’ as what I thought out to be… lol  Amidst the many shops, there is a 6-cinema complex, the one of the only two skating rinks in Singapore and, tuck on one of the floors, is the Food Court.

We found seating area and decided to have our lunch there. If you are in this food court, you should try out the Hot & Pans food stall. The food that they have is similar to the sizzling hot pans and zhu char dishes. We ordered some Stirfry Beef (cannot remember the actual name) and some noodles with stir fried chicken. They have some dishes like Tofu and mushrooms and more. I’m sorry that I don’t even have photos to show. The girls and Ah Boy were so hungry that as soon as I placed the food on the table they were already helping themselves to it. And because I had to quickly portion the rice for my hungry girls, I did not have time to take the pictures. Their prices are very cheap, because you can get these hot strifry dishes from $4 to $8. This is very reasonable and much better than what you get in those zhu char at the coffee shops. The portion is big and you can order a few dishes and share with your family members like a popular rice dinner. Even for a dish that may cost $4 for a family is certainly value for money. Frankly speaking, the malls in Singapore are all like clones (due to the same stores and shops), we’ll definitely be back for the food.


Although there are no pics of the food, I have taken the picture of the food stall. Hot & Pans is recommended. So in future if you go to Jurong Entertainment Centre (stone’s throw from Jurong East MRT) you try it out, okay? This place will be redeveloped in 2009 and will house Singapore’s First Olympic size skating rink. I think they are getting it ready for the Youth Olympics 2010. I would love to watch it here!!

  1. Rose Said,

    Hi Constance,

    the last time I been to Singapore is in 1999, made a visit to my aunt and her family. I don’t remember been to Jurong Entertainment Centre. I think there is a Jurong Park right? Cos I have been to it before when I was young. hehehe! 🙂

    Heard that there are some new shopping malls coming up in Singapore especially along the Orchard Central? I am sure it is going to be a shopping hub of this region.

    I would love to visit Singapore soon.

    Rose’s last blog post..Diaper-free project

  2. Angeleyes Said,

    Been ages since I last set my foot there…. really out of the way if you don’t have a car.
    I rather go to IMM now…. at least more happening… heheheh

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