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Earth Day Tag – Let’s Save the Earth

posted by constance

Have you been using more plastic bags lately? Did you try to use less energy like switch off the lights and fan an hour earlier a day, not use air-condition and recycle products like paper or use less. Well I try to contribute or do my part in global conservation. Putri from Belgium tagged me this Earth Day tag and I am more than willing to do it. I am sure if we all play a small part each, we can help to save our world. Live with a conscious effort is good. I would like to pass this Earth Day tag to Jo-N, Carol, and Mott.


  1. mott Said,

    AHhhhhh…this kinda tag! Phew! Thot for a moment there, I’d have to answer 1375737282 questions type. I’m quite “bad” at those (read : never do…coz just too darn tired).

    This one ok.. I do, but I’ll put it in my other blog k?!

    mott’s last blog post..Protected posts

  2. Earth-y Day | mott's island Said,

    […] to Constance the Almanac Queen, for tagging […]

  3. Jo-N Said,

    I’ll participate. This is a wonderful thing to do.

    Jo-N’s last blog post..8 Random Facts About Wayne

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