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Organise Your Stuff

posted by constance

Are you a neat person? Do you organise your things well at home, in the fridge, wardrobes, cabinets.. etc. I must confess, I am the type who likes to have things organised or my life just go haywire. I don’t like things messy. Everything’s got to be placed in their rightful places. However, having kids had changed me to be less uptight about making sure things are in that straight line, clean and white, spotless bla bla bla. That was because getting them that organised will be a neverending task that will leave me tired, stress, exhausted, frustrated and have me screaming at the kids in the end. But the trick to not messing it up is to have enough storage space.

Which brings me to Tupperwares. I am a Tupperware fan, for many years since young. Yet I have never found myself to even join as a dealer. I always get my stuff from friends, after all they need business too. I discovered an old school friend who is very into Tupperwares. She posted this picture on her Facebook which was so funny. Enjoy your weekend! See what happens when you don’t organise your stuff!


  1. kikey Said,

    i like my stuffs in organize too, i can’t stand when they messy!
    wish u have a nice weekend too! (^.^)

    kikey’s last blog post..Movie Sharing

  2. emila yusof Said,

    Lol! I have lots of tupperwares! Can’t stop buying!

    emila yusof’s last blog post..Homage – IF

  3. Putri Said,

    I am a clumsy one..hehe:)

    Btw, I have a tag for you my friend 🙂
    Check this out :

  4. mott Said,

    ha ha ha!!! I love this picture! I’m also a BIG tupperware fan..not a seller, just a sucker buyer!!!!

    Sigh… for some reason, one just can’t stop buying matter how many we have!

    mott’s last blog post..The Udder Mom?

  5. kerslyn Said,

    hi! i’m also a Tupperware fan. My mother used to tell me to buy such stuffs while I’m still single. Now that I’m married, I wanna continue collecting tupperware products. 🙂

    kerslyn’s last blog post..Online store

  6. Ryan mami Said,

    Ha! I’m a tupperware fan too! But then, our fridge not that organized. quite messy and full of stuff. Well, the fridge and kitchen managed by my MIL. So, I have no say loh.

    Ryan mami’s last blog post..E-L-E-V-E-N

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