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The Beautiful Scent or My Lucky Charm

posted by constance

I have learnt to appreciated Singapore Mandarin drama in the past decade. Before, I used to find it a bit peculiar and only love to watch cantonese Hong Kong ones. But because there are subtitles, I am able to understand and appreciate these Mandarin dramas. Also some of the actors and actresses are really good and Mediacorp dramas have improved tremendously. Most of the actors/actresses also are quite good in their acting. My favourite prime time slot at 9pm daily is important as they have very good shows. But I do tend to miss out on the 7pm ones. Singapore Mediacorp guard their shows very closely and it is difficult to catch any of their missed dramas unless you watch reruns. They do not have free to air streaming channels and I am not able to purchase their dramas in any dvd either.

There was a recent drama which collaborate some actors and actresses in Malaysia. I think that was pretty brilliant. The show that I have been following is the one titled The Beautiful Scent. The show had ended the run on tv for all of the 25 episodes. However I am able to catch it on NTV7 in my own time. I thought the show was very entertaining and it certainly open my eyes to a Singapore veteran, Pang Ling Ling. She has shown her versatility in this show compared with dramas that were acted by her. Dawn Yeoh is also another upcoming new actress which I have watched several of her dramas she acted recently. The sweet girl next door, she has potential but if only she could play a little different kind of role in future. Has any of you watched this yet? It kept me up on my pc for the past week. I really enjoyed this show. But did anyone know that this show is exactly the same as another Singaporean Drama shown few years back by Huang Biren? The roles played both by Pang Ling Ling and Huang Biren are the same too. Is this show The Beautiful Scent a remake of My Lucky Charm? Huang Biren acted the character better in comparison, I must say. But Pang Ling Ling is not so bad. She has her star quality in this version too.

Click picture to link to the 1st episode. Watch it in your own time.

  1. Tot's Mom Said,

    Somehow, I don’t really like Mandarin dramas. Maybe because I just can’t understand the language. TVB dramas are still my favorite. By the way, thanks for linking my poems blog. Drop by my MDC blog if u want to read another poem, this time with your blog mentioned.

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  3. Joze Foo Said,

    i love sg drama too…….will watch it when got time!

    Joze Foo’s last blog post..Me the lazy cook………..

  4. Dora Said,

    I watch S’pore Mandarin drama (besides Phua Chu Kang) every night as I think it’s more quality than HK drama series!

    Dora’s last blog post..Oh, Big Foot!

  5. kenyin Said,

    Great sharing blog here….

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