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Did you remember the time years back in 2004 when the news media was hot on the heels about the Abu Ghraib Prison? There were news related to soldiers who believed they were defending democracy but became victims of unimagined nightmare. Press reveals testimonies by soldiers who were stationed there. The pictures of abuse and tortures created a worldwide outrage of disgust. Many believed that there was some cover up on the abuse.

Those pictures of abuse and the horrible torture of the terror suspects made headlines, suspected by the military men and women who believed they were practicing Standard Operating Procedure. 2004 was a year of nightmare for them.

In April, 25th 2008 will see a released of a documentary about this incident. It is titled as S.O.P. : Standard Operating Procedure, currently in production. I have a feeling that this documentary will be released but not every country may approve for viewing. Would you watch it? May prove to be a devastating film of the year. This movie has disturbing images and content involving torture and nudity as well as language.

Starring: Joshua Feinmean, Zhubin Rahbar, Merry Grissom, Cyrus King and Sarah Denning. Directed by Errol Morris.

Watch the trailer here

Wikipedia information: Abu Ghraib torture and prisoner abuse



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