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You Don’t Mess with the Zohan, Adam Sandler

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I’m a die hard fan of Adam Sandler. Most of my friends know that. I can watch his movie again and again. He’s such a funny and also not to mention romantic (in some of his movies) fella. The Wedding Singer has always been a favourite movie of mine until even my daughter would say.. Mummy, you’re watching that show again?!! LOL.

Anyways, there is a new movie to be released somewhere in June this year.

Titled ‘You Don’t Mess with the Zohan”. In this show, he is a trained Israeli soldier who faked his own death just to pursue a dream – being a hairstylist! This show sees him picked up an accent for once that is not of the American drawl but from Israel. His role is that of a Mossad – who works for the National Intelligence agency of the State of Israel.

Starring Adam Sandler, John Turturro, Rob Schneider, Mariah Carey, Henry Wrinkler and more.

Watch this trailer of the movie here.


Do You Sleep Naked?

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Some of my friends unbashfully tells me they sleep naked. Newly weds definitely wake up naked. LOL. Do you know that there are dangers or risks of sleeping naked? Why? Because you will never know if you have a sleep disorder like sleepwalking. Apparently this sleep disorder happens twice as much in men than women. And a survey conducted by most hotels showed that 95% of sleepwalkers are naked men. And they are probably sniggering behind their closed doors about their guests.


UK – A hotel chain in London has now taken to guiding employees on handling people who sleepwalk in the nude, after noting that such incidents at hotels are on the rise, reported Fox. Travelodge has reissued “Sleepwalkers Guide” to every one of its 310 hotels in UK and it includes pointers on handling a sleepwalker and the outlines of the hotel’s procedures.

A survey conducted also prompted the reissue of the guide after finding a seven fold increase in incidents of sleepwalking clients at its UK hotels since 2006. The survey has also noted that a great number of the sleepwalkers are naked men, at 95%.Sleepwalking clients have been known to ask questions at the reception area about the bathroom, a copy of the day’s paper, and one male sleepwalker who was not wearing anything even got himself locked out of his own room which later led to an arrest.

“Sleepwalking is on the rise throughout the UK,” says Leigh McCarron, Travelodge’s sleep director. “We have seen an increased number of cases over the years so it is important that our staff know how to help sleepwalkers when it arises.”


If you work in a hotel, it would be quite common. Sometimes these guests aren’t even aware of it since they are sometimes escorted back to their room and goes back to sleep and do not know it had happened the night before. Of course some had to be woken up in since they have no identity on them (they are naked, after all) but find themselves being dressed in the hotel robe or towel around their waists.

So, just a word of advice. Avoid sleeping naked if you travel or not in the comforts of your own home. Look at this picture of another risk of sleeping naked!



Earth Day Tag – Let’s Save the Earth

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Have you been using more plastic bags lately? Did you try to use less energy like switch off the lights and fan an hour earlier a day, not use air-condition and recycle products like paper or use less. Well I try to contribute or do my part in global conservation. Putri from Belgium tagged me this Earth Day tag and I am more than willing to do it. I am sure if we all play a small part each, we can help to save our world. Live with a conscious effort is good. I would like to pass this Earth Day tag to Jo-N, Carol, and Mott.



Organise Your Stuff

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Are you a neat person? Do you organise your things well at home, in the fridge, wardrobes, cabinets.. etc. I must confess, I am the type who likes to have things organised or my life just go haywire. I don’t like things messy. Everything’s got to be placed in their rightful places. However, having kids had changed me to be less uptight about making sure things are in that straight line, clean and white, spotless bla bla bla. That was because getting them that organised will be a neverending task that will leave me tired, stress, exhausted, frustrated and have me screaming at the kids in the end. But the trick to not messing it up is to have enough storage space.

Which brings me to Tupperwares. I am a Tupperware fan, for many years since young. Yet I have never found myself to even join as a dealer. I always get my stuff from friends, after all they need business too. I discovered an old school friend who is very into Tupperwares. She posted this picture on her Facebook which was so funny. Enjoy your weekend! See what happens when you don’t organise your stuff!



Keeping Up With The Joneses

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I had a good read on the internet about this topic. It was pretty hilarious! There was an article in the culture and society segment which gave advice and tips on How to Keep Up with the Joneses. For some of you who are not familiar with the term ‘keeping up with the Joneses’, it is a popular phrase whereby two family who lived side by side (neighbours) are trying to outdo each other in every thing they have, own to be on top of each other. Most of the time countries that are developed face or experience this concept is carried out to prove one’s successful attainment in the material world. In Singapore, it is simply expressed as ‘Kiasuim’ mentality.

So, what does one do to keep up with the Joneses. Here is what I read:

Step 1:
Buy a pair of binoculars. It’s hard to see what your neighbors have inside their houses unless you can get a clear view. Purchase everything they have plus one, meaning either the quantity must be more or the quality must be higher.
Step 2:
Shop at the organic grocery store where prices are higher and the food is better. Shop during peak hours to be seen by more people. Frequently comment to friends on the gourmet items you’ve purchased or new recipes your maid has been trying out. Better yet, have your maid shop there.
Step 3:
Trade up for a prettier or more handsome spouse if yours can’t be spruced up. Nothing screams money like a young, beautiful, not-so smart spouse. You will need to do this every decade or so, whenever the current model starts looking haggard or approaches middle age.
Step 4:
Take out a second mortgage, if necessary, because you have to buy the newest luxury car on the market. Try to get one slightly more expensive than the one your neighbor drives. Having a sports car to drive on the weekends and a gas-guzzling SUV, like a Hummer, for family trips are the best options.
Step 5:
Give every teenager in your house an expensive convertible on their 16th birthday. Wrap it in a big bow and leave it in the driveway so all can see how generous you are. If it gets wrecked, purchase a replacement as soon as possible. Don’t make your teenager work, or in anyway deserve, the car.
Step 6:
Hold frequent dinner parties to show off your shiny, new purchases. Hire extra servants for the evening and splurge for a live band or combo group. Have at least seven courses for the meal. Afterwards, serve the gentlemen brandy in the study while the ladies retire to the parlor.
Step 7:
Send your children to the best boarding schools, preferably in a foreign country. On school breaks, embarrass your children by making them perform a piano concert or recite Voltaire in French at one of your dinner parties. Constantly tell everyone how talented and smart they are by listing all the things they can do that other children can’t.

Housewarming Party and Door Gifts

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Jo-N had a big housewarming recently. Virtual housewarming, actually. She had just moved her free hosted sites on to her own domains. It must have been a tedious task to move into 3 homes. No wonder she wrote that she was doing something so serious since the last weekend!

Check out the buffet she served.. I helped myself to double helpings of ice cream.. burp and felt tipsy from too much wine.

A Perfect Host. She was so sweet handing out door gifts of awards to her visitors. She made some personal ones with names attached, for keepsake. These are what I got from her.





How Much Have You Changed

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I was doing some random quiz when I saw this one that was interesting. You are supposed to fill up the information of yourself in the past within 10 years of your life. With the answers, you get to see how much in percentage you have changed. So there it is, my result. So HOW MUCH HAVE YOU CHANGED?

This is my result below. Click on the link to check yours!

You’ve Changed 48% in 10 Years

You’ve done a good job changing with the times, but deep down, you’re still the same person.
You’re clothes, job, and friends may have changed some – but it hasn’t changed you.

How Much Have You Changed in 10 Years?


The Beautiful Scent or My Lucky Charm

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I have learnt to appreciated Singapore Mandarin drama in the past decade. Before, I used to find it a bit peculiar and only love to watch cantonese Hong Kong ones. But because there are subtitles, I am able to understand and appreciate these Mandarin dramas. Also some of the actors and actresses are really good and Mediacorp dramas have improved tremendously. Most of the actors/actresses also are quite good in their acting. My favourite prime time slot at 9pm daily is important as they have very good shows. But I do tend to miss out on the 7pm ones. Singapore Mediacorp guard their shows very closely and it is difficult to catch any of their missed dramas unless you watch reruns. They do not have free to air streaming channels and I am not able to purchase their dramas in any dvd either.

There was a recent drama which collaborate some actors and actresses in Malaysia. I think that was pretty brilliant. The show that I have been following is the one titled The Beautiful Scent. The show had ended the run on tv for all of the 25 episodes. However I am able to catch it on NTV7 in my own time. I thought the show was very entertaining and it certainly open my eyes to a Singapore veteran, Pang Ling Ling. She has shown her versatility in this show compared with dramas that were acted by her. Dawn Yeoh is also another upcoming new actress which I have watched several of her dramas she acted recently. The sweet girl next door, she has potential but if only she could play a little different kind of role in future. Has any of you watched this yet? It kept me up on my pc for the past week. I really enjoyed this show. But did anyone know that this show is exactly the same as another Singaporean Drama shown few years back by Huang Biren? The roles played both by Pang Ling Ling and Huang Biren are the same too. Is this show The Beautiful Scent a remake of My Lucky Charm? Huang Biren acted the character better in comparison, I must say. But Pang Ling Ling is not so bad. She has her star quality in this version too.

Click picture to link to the 1st episode. Watch it in your own time.



Did you remember the time years back in 2004 when the news media was hot on the heels about the Abu Ghraib Prison? There were news related to soldiers who believed they were defending democracy but became victims of unimagined nightmare. Press reveals testimonies by soldiers who were stationed there. The pictures of abuse and tortures created a worldwide outrage of disgust. Many believed that there was some cover up on the abuse.

Those pictures of abuse and the horrible torture of the terror suspects made headlines, suspected by the military men and women who believed they were practicing Standard Operating Procedure. 2004 was a year of nightmare for them.

In April, 25th 2008 will see a released of a documentary about this incident. It is titled as S.O.P. : Standard Operating Procedure, currently in production. I have a feeling that this documentary will be released but not every country may approve for viewing. Would you watch it? May prove to be a devastating film of the year. This movie has disturbing images and content involving torture and nudity as well as language.

Starring: Joshua Feinmean, Zhubin Rahbar, Merry Grissom, Cyrus King and Sarah Denning. Directed by Errol Morris.

Watch the trailer here

Wikipedia information: Abu Ghraib torture and prisoner abuse



Singapore Hotel Industry Short of Manpower

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If you are in the hotel industry and looking for a job in Singapore, then it is good news for you. Singapore is finding it hard to employ staff in this industry. Staff turnover according to today’s paper state that it is 4.3 per cent or twice that for wholesale, retail sector or even the financial industries. Many hoteliers are bracing themselves for more resignations. Working in this industry is challenging and require long hours and lots of work during the weekends, holidays and when the usual offices are getting their rest days. In Singapore, many new hotels especially upmarket ones are joining the industry. Did you know that Singapore has almost 230 hotels alone! Wow! In just a tiny island only. And 10 new properties will be joining the market this year! Foreigners quota for employment have been raised as the local Singaporeans are not keen in jobs in hospitality. Low pay and Long Hours are not their cup of tea. Newer hotels are not paying more either. Because they know how much their branding is worth. Take for example, St Regis which is starting next month. Many of those in the hotel industry wants to be in St Regis’ employment as this boosts up their creditability and portfolio. Some are willing to take a pay cut or downgrade just to join this hotel. Some hotels are trying to woo staff by paying higher bonuses and giving better benefits, allowances. Top level and middle level staff are not missing out either. Many are now being headhunted to work in hotels in China and Macau. Small hotels and clubs that offer minimum perks or no bonuses may see them with manpower shortage soon. Like they say, shape it or ship it. Good luck!